Illuminati Killed Michael Jackson Part 1

Here is the truth, he was killed by The Illuminati. Please watch all Parts! Reupload from user: EarthlasthopeRevived


  1. marcpinke

    As well as Bob Marley…hired and masked hitmen smashed his door down and shot him up. He then later died in a ‘plane crash’. Gee, isn’t it also such a coincidence how whenever there is a plane crash in South America, for some reason, it’s never a regular plane with people like me and you on it, rather it’s 99% of the time it’s a political leader. One great story everyone may want to watch is ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’ by a former CIA officer.

  2. Tex-Waco

    This is super interesting, when you put this with the Melvin Belli, Michael Jackson story, found floating around the web. Melvin Belli was a JFK player, and so was Gordon Novel. The money paid to Melvin Belli, to defend Jack Ruby, first come from one of the owners of MCA records, and the Desert Inn Casino. Meyer Lansky’s attorney was Al Malnik, this is Blanket’s Godfather, Lansky was one of the owners of the Desert Inn, in 1964. What a World! like the wicked witch said.

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