TheNewAeon2012 asked: This video is definite proof that Queen Amidala is intended to symbolize the Egyptian Goddess Isis, a fact that confirms once and for all the theory that the Skywalker family Saga is basically a modern retelling of the the Isis, Osiris & Horus myth. Please do your own research on what I say in the video, and you will plainly discover that the Skywalkers are indeed a modern version of the Isis and Osiris myth. I am definitely not the first to come up with this, however I believe there are very few (if any) you tube videos that deal specifically with this topic. Also, I'd like to make absolutely clear that I don't think there's anything wrong with retelling the Osiris story but I am VERY curious as to the why, and its connections to the Freemasonic Hollywood system. What exactly is the reason that Mr. Lucas feels obligated to model the Skywalkers on Isis/Osiris? Is it possible that these Egyptian deities are more than just myths? Are they perhaps symbols of real Cosmic Forces? Is Isis the spirit of Mother Earth, for instance? Who knows??... If anyone has any enlightening info on this, please let me know... Listen to theamazing 15000 word Automatic Writing "ATLANTEAN ORIGINS OF THE ILLUMINATI BLOODLINES" here: Written one year before information about the Papal Illuminati Bloodlines has begun to surface on the net, proving that the channelling was dead accurate! Please Note: website still under construction, but updated daily. Working ...


  1. AutumnEnergy1

    If you notice in the first Star Wars, that the Death Star’s doors are broken swastikas, and the soldiers are of course called Storm Troopers. Pay attention to the doors on the first Star Wars, you can’t miss the broken swastikas.

  2. AutumnEnergy1

    No evil connotations attached: Luke=Lucifer (Horus) and his 12 steps across the sky daily. 12 steps = 12 hours. That’s why he is Luke SKYWALKER. Then after 12 hours/steps the Sun SETS (Set), and we experience the darkside of Lucifer, which is Set (Satan), night-time. Then Lucifer rises again in the morning as the Bringer of the Dawn. The cycle repeats.

  3. Awar3inwar

    Look up Nimrod and Semiramis. They were the founders of Babylon. Nimrod was decendant of Cam. Noah cursed Cam and his

  4. cabezonton

    could it be… sith = iluminati (sun, male atributes, ego), jedi= luminari (moon, femenine atributes, spirituality)???

  5. BandakaKush

    I have heard that the illumanati actually have a god they worship and they call him Yoda!

  6. TheNewAeon2012

    @7922jah Thanx! My God, I just saw that vid. How on earth does symbolism like that fit in with the theme of that video clip? Answer: it doesn’t!

  7. 7922jah

    Also if you check out zoot suit riot, a song by cherry poppin daddies, there are at least six flash frames which are masonic in nature. You’ll see a serpent, an eye, and a pyramid beside sparklers, and a turkey on a crucifix amongst other things. They occur so fast that you really have to look for it. Good post, good eye, thinking mind….

  8. TheNewAeon2012

    @bitterbonker yes, well, Lucas seems to have an obsession with the templars doesn’t he? The ultimate indy movie, the 3rd one, is all about the templars and the holy grail, etc. But is he trying to tell us that the templars/masons are actually the good guys??! If the jedi are a fictional version of the masons then are we to assume that the sith are the illuminait? much like the sith recruit from the jedi, the illuminait “recruited” from masonic lodges. lucas definitely knows more than we imagine

  9. bitterbonker

    A personal theory–Freemasonry is said to have a blue lodge, and a higher-rank red lodge. This is interesting because the Jedi identify with the color blue with their lightsabers, and the Sith with red. Note that the Sith are a secret society that recruit from the Jedi–do they represent higher degree Freemasonry? The links between the Jedi Order, and the Knights Templar (medieval forerunners to freemasons) are quite clear. Note that green is also a masonic rank between blue and red

  10. bitterbonker

    A few interesting subliminals in SW. Notice how many aliens have horns (like the devil) or snake-like tentacles coming from their heads (representing kundalini energy?). Also, those aliens called the Gran (like @6:11) are very interesting–a goat-headed humanoid with 3 eyes? This resonates the Baphomet (goat of Mendes) & the 3rd eye. Lots of Octagon/Eye (stargate) symbolism too–TIE fighter cockpit, the window that Vader & Luke duel in front of in ESB, window behind Palpatine’s throne in ROTJ

  11. TheNewAeon2012

    @FreemanOftheMind Indeed. But I never expected something like this from Lucas though…

  12. FreemanOftheMind

    No doubt there for the masses to subliminally give their respects to Egyptian deities again without knowing it. A bit like saying Amen at the end of every prayer: in respect to Amen Ra (sun god worship).

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