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  1. meishot00

    The satanists and the illuminati will go to hell. God will save us from this, that’s why Jesus will come very soon to save us the second time from this evil and to take us with Him to heaven and we will live forever.

  2. TheTimeRocket

    The ILLUMINATI are in controll no matter what you say. They wrote the bible btw. This is their world!!!

  3. adelgadogomez123

    You stupid motherfuckers instead of arguing on way this person is wrong , wtf dont you just listen and open your eyes .. AND THE BIBLE ! -__- and i dont even go to church and i believe , the Illuminati thing makes sense . You fuckaroos are just too brainwashed and blind to see it .

  4. MagnitudeOfSoul

    wh y the fuck is john lennon seen doin the hand symbol, if he was into this too then thats extremely fucked up since he promoted peace etc.. maybe he was just rferring to the music because many people use that hand symbol have no idea that it means the devil horns…

  5. MagnitudeOfSoul

    hahaha hes going to hell what a fucking prick, its fucked up justin turns women into pedos too.

  6. TheScariestMovieEver

    Kids in school and celebrities backed by billions of dollars are two very different things. The system itself causes them to make these signs once they’ve made the deal. It’s no accident that they ALL do the same signs. Thanks!

  7. ElectricBlueChuChu

    Just because a few young famous singers/rockers did it doesn’t mean they are apart of the Illuminati. Many younger ones that are more new to fame such as Justin Bieber only know the “devil sign” as the “rock on” sign or rock. I can see the one eye covering maybe, but have you ever thought that maybe they just do it because everyone else does it (i know kids in my school copy what others do, especially celebs, and im in high school).

  8. jimivaughan420

    I’m not entirely sold on this illuminati hand signal thing. Don’t get me wrong, I do think the illuminati exists, I do also acknowledge the fact how satanists use hand gestures. And who knows maybe some of these people meant to do the signals, but how can you be sure that some of them weren’t done by accident. I’m sure in some of the photos I’ve taken in my past I’ve used the “devil salute” or whatever it’s called, but joking around of course.

  9. euro944t

    John 7:1
    “Jesus would not walk in jewry….”

    Matthew 10:33
    But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father who is in heaven.

  10. GeoffTheGiraff

    the alien invasion deception (using project bluebeam) that many think the NWO will plan/put forth to unite Islam/Christianity under Prince William (who they’ll suddenly start “discovering” is the “lost blood of JC” when anyone who’s awake knows that’s not possible since JC more than likely didn’t exist as a real person…)

  11. GeoffTheGiraff

    I don’t know that any of Thrive was bad. I noticed the single eye on the poster, but I think it might have been using the symbolism against them. Just think, obviously Foster Gamble is an insider. So yeah, he could be playing the whole, disinfo from the inside posed as real info for the outside, but he pretty much laid out some of the dirtiest laundry he could and interviewed a LOT of people (like Nassim Haramein) who are VERY trustworthy. Also, BENEVOLENT ETs, as opposed to (1)

  12. GeoffTheGiraff

    I went to DC recently (lived near there), and since I’ve studied Kabbalah and some other mystery school stuff, I see DC in an ENTIRELY different light, and I realized the true reason for the reflecting pool as well…

  13. GeoffTheGiraff

    He thought she was looking and acting different and just got “bad vibes” from her in his words.

  14. W77NL

    What i mean with trhive was not the movie itself but the movieposter.
    I cant post the link.
    Isent that weird he is working with them?
    im totaly confused, who are those people and do they really tell the truth?
    I like Icke and agree with his message. thats why i dont understand.

  15. euro944t


    do you see a halo surrounding back of JC? head ?
    The eyes rolled up looks possessed, at least the eyes don’t look femine like a Baphomet halo figure with the bloody heart held in hand from Egyptian Sacrifice.

    The water pool in DC that reflects the Egyptian phallic obilisk monument 666′ tall (AS ABOVE SO BELOW)
    reflecting pool represents the sacrificial lake filled with blood of the sacrifice victims (Apocalypto)

  16. GeoffTheGiraff

    Also, if you check out her website, there’s a bunch of satanic references like a baphomet and 666’s…. really weird. He was right to ditch her.

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