Illuminati Celebrities That Went Gay for Fame!

ScariestMovieEver111 asked:

Brilliant & Shocking video from our friend Black Child! Check out his Channel for more:


  1. FrankypankyV8

    Homosexual act necessary for fame? How about the FEMALE performers?! Ah, so full of shit maaaan!

    And this is all about black performers, right [NOT]!

  2. don s

    stronger evidence is needed as of right now this all conspiracy. People need more than speculations and assumptions. there is without a doubt demonic symbolism through out the entertainment industry. Where these celebrities have openly through symbolism advertised a satanic message. Knowingly or unknowingly.

  3. Raymond Foster

    its always better to hate than to congratulate.. i watched this “video”…and all of this speculations.. but absolutely NO PROOF… just assumptions… i can take a wild guess.. this person tried to rap/produce/act… and no one signed him to any contract.. know he sits around bitter, jaded, and angry…sad… get a life homey..and if your gonna level charges like that, be man enuf to show your face…don’t hide..thats what cowards do…

  4. Raymond Foster

    ummm…so how did this person who is doing the narration manage to escape without him getting his but “plugged”? and how does he know so much about this place?? and why the cuts of eyes wide shut.. instead of hidden video…?? why do these idiots keep posting this nonsense… i and people will believe this more if you actually have …PROOF!!!

  5. extremesoutherngal

    open your eyes. They all have to take the oath, and homosexual acts are a requirement. Do you really think he’s gonna admit to it? lol

  6. extremesoutherngal

    Also, rape creates trauma, which creates more satanic energy. This is why Allester Crowley was so hung up on raping children- young males being his favorites,. Trauma (especially sexual) creates high energy, and also opens its victims up to mind control- something else the industry uses frequently.

  7. extremesoutherngal

    To understand why the homosexual act is so necessary for fame, research satanism itself. It requires all abominations in order to stand firmly against God, and therefore is a requirement to be accepted and recognized in the satanically controlled industry. Also, sex is a way of linking them, bonding them all together in the spiritual realm. 1 Corinthians 7 makes this clear- thats why God hates any kind of sex outside of marriage. It forms a spiritual connection that most of us do not understand.

  8. Niko Williams

    We can not judge these people all we we can do is pray for them and ourselves because we all fall short of God’s Grace and Glory. Repent and Proclaim Christ as your savior

  9. WisdomSquare

    For anyone that is interested, I’ve put together a growing article titled: “Top 10 Things YouShouldn’t Know About The Illuminati.” I would love to get feedback from this community, as I’m constantly adding onto it as I learn more. You can check it out here: wisdom-square(dot)com/top-10-things-you-shouldnt-know-about-the-illuminati.html

  10. pochitamexicana

    Sacrificed If you watch the Corey’s you hear it for ur self about the predators in Hollywood Child molesters!!!

  11. pochitamexicana

    The two Corey’s spoke about this an one of them died very suddenly from the famous Pneumonia that many have died from The people magazine put out last month all that died too young !! Which really means all the ones they murder or

  12. munchkin036

    @Danny Kroll I’m gonna check out that video man.. the USA is corrupt as ever! I mean the shit they hide from us is fucking scary..!

  13. Khalid Ibn Al-Walid Sayf Allāh al-Maslūl

    funny how this guy showed a Pic of DMX. i know fromt a fact DMX NEVER soldt hes ass . to nobody . NO WAY DMX is Gay.. dont even go to that part. DMX is a real BROTHER

  14. tititorplmybigldick

    Do this right now!

    Go to Wikipedia and search what mk ultra is.

    Then go to mk-ultra(dot)com

    Then click the clients tab.

    Be completely shocked!

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