ILLUMINATI a myth? Full Documentary

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  1. John Clayton

    The west needs a bogeyman, the cold war ended so America needed another excuse to keep spending on arms, America is run by its arms industry, its them who pull the strings, not the politicians, they are the bought and paid for mouthpieces of the lobbyists,Rather than the cold war we have the war on terror, now the war on personal freedom.Its easy to tell when the politicians lie, their mouths move.

  2. John Clayton

    Watch this with your mind so wide open your brain falls out, thats what the filmakers want you to do.I wish i could say i have never seen such a crock of s***, but unfortunately , most of the illuminati content on you tube is just as bad,its always easier to believe there is a conspiracy keeping you down, there is, but its an unconcious one, called money,the fiscal system , coupled with religion to keep you in your place, the only danger to the structures of power are a thinking educated public.

  3. Tim Grady





  4. TheAlienContactee


    I new video has just been released called ILLUMINATI 2013!!! This is a very important video for it does a recap of all the Illuminati activity in 2012 and then it talks about what the Illuminati has in store for us in 2013!!! 2013 is gunna be scary times…. To view this video i have it uploaded on my channel.. ILLUMINATI 2013… GIve yourself a break and see what you can do to fight back!

    Best Wishes
    Alien Contactee Linol Anderson

  5. BVargas78

    The sensationalist music is a put down. It’s too loud for a start. Obviously this is an illuminati false information video designed to hurt your ears. Just because they are mean and it makes them laugh.

  6. Jelph JoJones

    Ok, let#s say there’s this powerful organisation called the illuminati that controls everything and manipulates global events to suit it’s own agenda, how will you ever defeat it? You can’t because you can’t fight an unknown enemy, so get on with your lives, stick to your own moral code and you will be ok.

  7. Robberechts olivier

    I wont tell you what my believes about illuminati but i think the problem is somewhere else, money and abuse of power. Everybody is playing the game even me and you if you find a way to create more power and money by using the power you have you’ll do it. But the more you get power the more people are involved in your power, so yes there are things happening behind the doors and the media is playing with our balls.But i don’t believe in an evil organisation, it’s just people who always want more

  8. Cann1Bass

    whoever did the audio job on this needs to learn to master and turn the fucking annoying music down when your trying to hear them talk

  9. Fakkmalmoe


    We know for sure he was right now. “the war for existence or extinction” white people are being displaced and oppressed in every single country they inhabit. We know he was right about banking and world communism. Look at whahas happened in the west since the end of ww2. Face it white man. We beat ourselves and doomed our people to its end in ww2 as patton suggested. We fought on the wrong side !!

  10. SorryGotNoName

    na na na na tupac was born in 1971 not 1945 the video maker got confused between bob marley and tupac

  11. Skatebardfilms

    wtf leave the illuminati alone i just went to recruitment meeting with them and had coffee and we just wanna be left alone fuck off next time make an hour and a half video that doesnt talk shit jeez

  12. Suzue Higaki

    I often felt uneasy from 20 years ago.
    and some bad things happened around me.
    I don’t know that reason.
    and I often felt pain in my area between the eyebrows.
    And 17 years ago when I close my eyes I often watched strange creepy black and white vision, bird’s claw and coarse surface.
    Will something bad happen anymore?

  13. Jelph JoJones

    Is there a global elite with a selfish agenda? most definitely.

    Are there reptilian shapeshifters? No

  14. mikaelwills

    why the hell is the loud as music playing while JFK is having his speech around 16:30 sometimes you can’t even hear what he’s saying

  15. miskingo1

    I’m a Mason and a Shriner. When I got initiated into the shriners I explored the building hoping to find something really cool. I climbed rusty ladders to the top of this building which was raised at the turn of the century (appx 1900.) Sadly, I found nothing. I then trekked to the basement, once again, hoping to find something awesome. I never found anything, but I stayed in the shriners, and have helped raise money for sick children. Believe what you want, but just join and see what its about

  16. LordOfTheThing

    Hi, the truth is right before our eyes, we can see that this world is truly corrupt by evil men and these men wants a one world gorvernment, they want everything, how do they manage to hide? by other evil powers ofcourse, this has already been prophecie in the Bible, these other evil powers comes straight from hell, this is satans world, he gives you money and power, and all he askes for is your soul, everyones, let the holy spirit fight through you, he speaks Love and Guides, Jesus is the way

  17. LordOfTheThing

    Jesus told the people while on earth: ” I have come with good news for the poor and sick” hes message is clear, don’t hate others, don’t spread evil but Love, Jesus told the rich man to leave hes richness and follow him, because money cant save you, you know how fast life is, it is not worth to enjoy a few seconds and then sorrow for eternity, there is no peace in the other life for those who are greedy and selfish,that hate others, kills,steals, that do evil,

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