1. John Follis

    Sounds great till the jump the dam tracks at 26:00 something… with the whole building 7 shit, come on. I’m no engineer but wasn’t the ground bellow a pile of melted steel? Could that have something to do with it or was it SATAN? LMFAO really?

  2. Jordy Paredes

    I see millions of videos they all say open your eyes there allrady opened what’s Elle’s to doo! My last words

  3. Jordy Paredes

    Every body is saying to wake up if every body know how are we goning to stop them and they control the world


    Illuminati proves Christ

    You see Christ warned us Satan would gather the leaders of the world to force a one world government

    its happening right now

    the prophecy went into even more detail
    the prophecy pin pointed who the leader of the Illuminati would be
    its the anti Christ
    the prophecy also pin points who this anti Christ is

    its the pope
    the same power that murdered 50 million Christians in the dark ages
    you see the pope and his Jesuits started the Illuminati same agenda they share

  5. whelbert865

    viva illumbrados!! only the dumb and stupid becomes blinded by the light that you bring forth oh light-bearer,

  6. Sunny Seehra

    Osama isn’t the one who did 9 11 they just take credit for what happen i got proof u foolish fat stupid amacicans people laughter at ur contry

  7. Sunny Seehra

    Man the illuminati is fucked up man but we need to learn not to fear these kind of people. For me never i will run away from these kind of people or die from these people.

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