History of Freemasonry Part 1

Kennedy1op asked:

Description below taken from google video. This film by Jüri Lina tells about what kind of light and how the Emissaries of Jahbulon spread it around themselves and how it affects us. An exciting excursion to some of the most powerful Masonic lodges in the United States and in Europe. [IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ALL THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT THE HISTORY OF THE MASONS (freemasons, illuminati, etc) WATCH THIS FILM!]



    I mirrored part one, and am redirecting traffic here for additional parts. I use to have the entire video before on my previous channel.

  2. NobiscumDeus1

    @JosephStalin11 Do you have evidence of this? Or is there any reason for you to think this?

  3. NobiscumDeus1

    @idoknowjc There is no evidence that Obama is a Freemason, nor McCain. If he belongs to the Bohemian group or the Skull and Bones, then that means he is not a Freemason. He belongs into another lodge with similar principles, but still not the same. No, the Skull and Bones nor the Bohemian are Freemason lodges, they are other big societies. For instance, Skull and Bones is one large lodge from Yale college.

  4. cocoduck89

    @Zecalran Mate, think about that statement… ”masonry is neither evil or good, but ti can be used for evil!”

    Anything can be used for evil…
    and Masonry can be used for the good. People fear what they don’t understand. I’m not saying you fear it, just people in general. I used to have a mindset that it was wrong, because I didn’t understand it. Now, as a young woman, and as a mason’s daughter, I understand it. I know fellow masons, and they are far from what we call evil.

  5. goldenageism

    great work :) i can’t get enough of these videos . Can you please give me the names of the soundtracks at the background?

  6. barker888

    our local town drunk is a free mason he is also a taxi driver, hes been pulled over so many time for drunk driving but has never had a point of his license the police are aware that hes a free mason

    im not into all this conspiracy theory bullshit, but they defiantly have privileges

  7. Zecalran

    @zsezse215 there’s nothing wrong wif masonry they are only serving the occult ruling deity n secret government of this world! What makes em evil is that they are serving n worshipping the inferior powers that controls the universe and this where they get their POWER! cheer m8 God bless all masons n non-masons cuz my step-dad is a mason he has been really nice to me from a little boy but most masons are quite insecure n this generates their drive towards the love of POWER cuz they seek security!

  8. christopherjames771

    some really interesting responses, and as a freemason initiated by the Grand masrter and assistant grandmaster, it is of obvious interest. christopher pennington-sinclair,

  9. zsezse215

    I don’t believe Freemasonry had it’s start with the Knights Templar. I believe they were started after the invention of the central banking system and the failed rule of Oliver Cromwell as a possible answer. To help free the masses of the iron grip of ancient European rulers. There is evidence Freemasonry was a crime prosecuted by The Inquisition. I believe it is now controlled by the wrong people. philipnute com

  10. Ra8er9

    @countchunkula your uncle is a pawn. a small elite group within the masons control everything. the rest are just members who don’t know

  11. countchunkula

    America’s independence was because of the free masons, we’d be under religious tyranny if it weren’t for the free thought of our forefathers. Fuck man, you guys worship an invisible being and believe masonry is evil because of the church. My uncle is a mason, it’s a fraternity get it through your skulls, question religion.

  12. lyfe1zruff

    @idoknowjc obama has been a princehall freemason longer then that..his father was a mason aswell, and obama wouldnt have made it to the 32nd degree in only 5 years

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