HAARP WEATHER CONTROL could be part of NWO DEPOPULATION PLAN, here’s the science.

seattle4truth asked:

I put this video together to show proof that US and Russia has been building and using weather control stations for many years. The US has 5 of these stations around the world now. Here's the whole History Channel program: www.youtube.com


  1. LazyJones1

    HAARP is a completely unclassified project.
    All research results are published in publically available peer reviewed scientific publications.
    The equipment logs and specs are available on the public website.
    No security clearance is required to enter the facility itself.
    Foreign scientists, the press and even the public can and has visited the site on numerous occasions.
    Students at both universities and colleges have visited the site to run experiments using the equipment.

  2. apopyalips

    Lazyjone1, I use to take your comment serious till you said HAARP is unclassified. Wow!!!, you sure have no clue.

  3. Spade2o2

    I used to be a fiend for conspiracies and all this shit but what I don’t understand is why would people even waste their time putting videos up here like this if it was the TRUTH do you really think it would be on youtube? fuck no lol live your life work hard get paid and get laid.

  4. enlightenment5

    Its is so simple the hiding lazy psychotronic,harp special effects perpetrators, nexus of Indian Patel cunts+ CIA cunts, Mason cunts all the lazy hiding rascals, are stealing Nations money, fooling, pandering and tinkering with peoples minds and bodies!and nature! It has been going on 4 decades!! the result is $14 trillion US debt! 1 Billion borrowed every day!

  5. LazyJones1

    claiming that HAARP is based on Tesla’s work is like saying that the internet is based on the radio.
    Technically, there is some truth to it, but in practicality it is a completely different ball game, with no interesting relevance.
    You also exaggerate somewhat. He CLAIMED to have caused a localized tremor. Not an earthquake. He made lots of claims in the last part of his life. Some were quite outrageous and – with today’s knowledge and understanding – ignorant.
    Great man, otherwise.

  6. Cataclysm31

    I was going to watch this video, but decided the comments might be more entertaining…
    … I was right


  7. vowthorn

    i wonder how many people are aware that it was nicola tesla who is responsible for most of our electrical knowledge. there are theories it was in fact hi who invented the light bulb and not just AC power. he did invent the fluorescent tube and once inadvertently caused an earthquake while playing with his toys. HAARP is based on this man’s work.

  8. drumheadcircle

    The russians are taking credit for these tsunamis, and haarp. Look up” Russian leader takes credit for japan’s tsunami on Georgian TV”, here on You Tube.

  9. konsybob

    @khrisb1 Do tell me about the science behind all this. I’m open to conspiracy theories, but I’ve yet to hear some evidence which actually clarifies with science.

  10. TheJazairia

    no matter what they think they’re doing ,they can’t take any control of the nature without the permission of the creator'(allah swt) ,proof :israhell sea will nearly dry ,and they can’t even make the sky rain over it ,so don’t worry ,no matter what they do ,all this will turn against them . no one can mess with the creature of god.they think they’re strong ,so let them control death and prevent themselves from dying ,NO THEY CAN’T .

  11. MrBarandi

    @aussiexxy …. :( ?! link off: “Cocaine Laced With Veterinary Drug Levamisole Eats Away at Flesh

  12. Geostrategic1

    The soulless bastards involved in this weather manipulating scams, while milking the tax payers out of billions, think they can play little gods. They will answer to the Almighty.

  13. SCM11478

    HAARP.. The Duality of the Name: The Harp creates sound waves/music.. THen you got the ‘HAARPoon.. or Harpoon.. Coincidence?

  14. swamibluesky

    Hardly ‘proof’ of anything. Do you trust everything you see on Television? The brilliantly produced History program is filled with technical conjecture, certainly no proof: eg ELF waves are electromagnetic radiation, they have NO relationship to sound waves. I don’t trust the military either, but if you research the science experiments currently taking place at HAARP you’ll find that the ‘heating’ effects on the ionosphere are so small that the scientists themselves have difficulty measuring it?

  15. LazyJones1

    “why is it run by the military?”
    It isn’t.
    It’s funded by the military, but run by a consortium of universities.
    There is exactly zero military personell at the facility.

    “why the confidentiality”
    Again, you are seeing things. There is nothing kept secret. It is an utterly unclassified project.

    “Governments have shown”
    That is a generalization. Do you have any actual accusations againt the current administration?
    Or more to the point, anything about HAARP in particular?

  16. LazyJones1

    “they haven’t shown any of there results”
    Do a google scholar search for HAARP, please. Or simply procure relevant copies of Radio Science, Geophysical Research Letters, Nature, Journal of Geophysical Research, or similar peer reviewed scientific publicactions. That is – naturally – where the results are published.

    Also, all of the equipment logs are publically available from the HAARP website.
    You see secrecy where none exist.

  17. AntiTrollable

    there is no evidence because they havent shown any of there results, Its there and it has been for many years. So if it doesnt do anything on a military level ….why is it run by the military? If its not dangerous, why the confidentiality. Governments have shown for year they are full of shit, and will do anything to hide what there doing…especially if its wrong.

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