HAARP – Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura

The Secrets of HAARP HAARP, or the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, was developed by international oil companies as a high-powered way to communicate with submarines utilizing extremely low frequency (ELF) radio waves to penetrate the ocean. When the US military realized its potency, it bought HAARP. Now, some experts say, it also has a more nefarious purpose: to penetrate human skulls and control the minds of its victims. HAARP is housed in a massive 35 acre, 180 tower ...


  1. kffhf7574

    HAARP manipulates the weather. Come on, everybody knows that. They been doin it for years. And everybody, dont beleive this “global warming” either. Its a hoax. Its to help the government pass “Cap N Tax” which is really a carbon tax. There is no “global warming”. It was even busted and proven. Google/Youtube it. Al Gore started that BS. And mr Obama in office intends to finish it with Cap N Tax.

  2. halfmanhalfcoffee

    Wow they actually tell what haarp does? Kind of. We have 2 make our minds up ourselves. 2 bad NO ONE will actually listen. I hope the show gets high ratings and watch if it gets pulled. And all the people hating on Jesse Ventura are idiots. Dude would own you if u had the balls 2 sit down with him and try coming at him with garbage. Fucking haters! Hate someone hate dick cheney! His face alone says kill whitey and everything hes ever said is his agenda 2 get rich and spread hate. Idiots.

  3. 666bushisnazi666

    Great show here by Jesse because it drives the right-wing republitards out of their freakin skulls!

  4. killerduck543

    it was hilarious that throughout the episode he felt the need to remind everyone he was an ex-navy seal, a wrestler, and a governor.
    this was OKAY up untill the 6th-25th time he did it.
    XD(gonna get spammed)


    Have some respect, he does his research. He was a former navy seal and actually contributed to this country and are trying to make people aware of whats going on.
    I think you’re the bonehead here, idiot.


    Your an idiot, its been public for a long time. Hes just trying to wake up the sheeple that lets the TV make their decisions.

  7. khunopie

    I hope he puts them in a FULL NELSON and PILE DRIVES their Chicken shit assses yahhhhhhhhhHoooooooooooOOOO!


    The first show was excellent. “You won’t believe, what you don’t know” (great catch line). Jesse is the right personality to lead a show like this. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people are looking at him as a sideshow. But it is a sign that someone is hitting a nerve, when the critics have to come out and throw mud. Lots of naive people in this country.

  9. MsScorpiolady

    this is amazing… i watched the first episode and am convinced that the government i indeed hiding something from the american people. it good to have some insight on some of the things they are doing. he’s brave enough to even take on the government.
    and even to this day i still believe that there is more to 911 than what we are told on the news and shit…… there is alot we dont know

  10. Arcticclaws

    Jesse has balls of steel to host this show but also the brain the size of a peanut. Does he realise what risks he’s taking though by exposing our military secrets?

  11. Bobster986

    Dude, you need to chill out. Your anger is not going to solve your hang ups. Also, I would learn how to spell before I insult someone.

  12. xxxDAPROBLEMxxx

    Guys there is plenty of evidence that the CIA has/is expirimenting with mind control. Including the pentagon’s own acknowledgement. Its not like this is out of the question. If this place is strictly for research, why dont they share it with the world instead of keeping it locked up in a military facility?

  13. wyokats

    What a bonehead!! I can’t believe that MN. elected him Gov.. But then again they did elect Al Franken too. What a load of crap. I pity the poor fools that actually believe the vomit that pours out of this guys mouth. Most of this wouldn’t even make a half assed B-grade Sci-Fi movie. He’s just an entertainer trying to make a buck. Good luck with that!

    Oh jeez, I hope he doesn’t read this and come after me.

  14. dreadnaught2

    I smell bullshit and its coming from Jesse’s direction.

    The big bad “new world order” can change the weather, control peoples thoughts, manipulate the worlds finances, kill JFK and MLK, carry out 9-11, and infect us all with the swine flu……but they somehow can’t stop a TV show that exposes all of their shenanigans. A TV show on basic cables 38th rated chan. no less. LOL.

    Jesse needs to stick to what he knows best. Smoking weed and getting thrown out of the ring in a non title match.

  15. mrjustin5

    HOLY SHIT! This look fuckin’ AWESOME! I cant wait to see it. I’ve really become a huge fan of Jessie Ventura now that I’ve seen him on the Alex Jones show and watched countless other videos of him speaking out about 9/11 and whats going on. The guy is truly a bad-ass and a role model for kids.

    He’s a no bullshit kinda guy with a real heart, because he cares about people and his country and he detests lies and bullshit. This looks like an exciting show. I cant wait to see what happens next.

  16. PeaceIsRad

    @parandeh- …. THANK GOD there’s a public figure on a national tv show sheding some light here. Don’t be so negative, this is a REALLY important step to waking the massive amounts of people still asleep.
    Do your part in bringing more secrets to light, Jesse damn well is and to me that’s being a TRUE patriot!


  17. kim cassidy

    Settle down kids…Listen to an old lady for a minute. I have seen countless examples of people finding out horrible things that religious leaders, governments, and trusted other groups have done, which have led to countless suffering of individuals, cultural groups, and yes, innocent people of all types. The one common occurrance in each of these cases is that there were HUGE cover-ups and attempts to shift blame. Every time these horrible actions were committed for a small group’s selfish gain, whether it be lust for money, power, or a sick sense of superiority. Usually it was some combination of all. What I really want you to know is that the FIRST and most effective way to DENY their cruelties was a massive propaganda campaign which was aimed at labeling the true information as CONSPIRACY THEORY! It usually works for years, which gives the evil doers plenty of time to wring out as much money, etc. as they can and attempt covering it all up and tossing on a veil of confusion. The biggest problem with teaching people about evil practices is that good people (and there are a LOT of us) will have a hard time believing that there are some people SO evil as to ENJOY the pain of others, especially if they gain personally, too. These people exist, and sometimes they are callous enough to show themselves publicly. Example: Dick Cheney.

  18. anonymous

    You Jesse Ventura lovers are such whiny fanboys and fangirls who can’t let haters be. So what if there are people who hate him? It’s their choice.

    Would you like it beat the hell out of you for hating on them? You can’t force everyone to like and love who they don’t want to like and love. Haters have rights.

    I neither like nor agree with every in the world. But you have no right to shit on all haters. Doing that makes you no better than them.

    I’m warning you that haters will get revenge on you if you keep on being total assholes to them. So if I were you, I’d leave them alone. If you sink to all their levels, then you’re just idiotic as them. So take that, you fanatical dickheads!

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