HAARP Conspiracy Theory Part 2 of 5 New Tv Show with Jesse Ventura

HAARP PART 3 www.youtube.com Feel FREE to upload and share In a remote region of Alaska, a special government research center is said to be testing the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, which, some believe, allows radio waves to be developed as a potential weapon. If true, these radio waves could be used to change the weather and control people's minds. Jesse and his team head to the Last Frontier to investigate, but nervous security guards try to stop them at the gate of the ...


  1. p1ut0nium

    Great stuff – anyone who has a hard time believing this is really a weapon needs to kindly pull their heads out of their butts and remember the Manhatten Project and the atomic bomb. Military involvement – secrecy – doomsday style weaponry – its all there. No crackpot stuff here folks.

  2. gsixty

    Conspiracy theories would end if we knew the truth….
    But “they” can’t tell us the truth for “our own protection”. Tax payers are the blood to this machine we call democracy. No doubt it is in their best interest to protect us…
    God forbid we turn on them! Shout truth from the roof tops!!!

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