God On Acid

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My thoughts.


  1. adolthitler

    Yes I have had those feelings too, on LSD and mushrooms.
    While tripping god let me sit on his throne and run the universe for about sixty seconds. Then he pushed me out, because I could not decide what changes I would make. LOL
    I also became a mushroom on mushrooms and was connected to many trees and other mushrooms in a forest via the tree roots.
    But the fact I only feel god while high says a lot about theists to me.

  2. MrFoxglove

    Through my own experiences with LSD I’ve come to realize that the feeling of connection with god that people claim to feel is more of a realization, or rather a profound sense of the interconnectedness of all things. In some ways of thinking that connection is essentially the true face of god. I don’t mean the god called Yahweh or Allah. I mean the true origin of all of existence, outside of any dogmatic belief.

  3. darkhorizon088

    Interesting video. Intellegent argument. I disagree, though. I personally have had two distinct experiences with psychedelic drugs. One was an overwhelming wave of euphoria and love for my environment. This was very moving, though not particularly spiritual. This sounds like what you are talking about. However, the other distinct trip was highly spiritual and coincided with many eastern mystic’s descriptions of ultimate reality that I was completely unfamiliar with at the time.

  4. muckstar23

    i can read tons of books about europe and talk to many people from there. but until i go there i really dont have a fucking clue….ya get where im going with this? loss of ego and connecting with the source on these temporary pathways back is a highly personal thing. and no not everyone has this experience. some are not ready< so you keep on trying to explain what chocolate ice cream taste like where as others have the secret RECIPE peace/ONE

  5. bigrussthefusss

    I watched alot of your videos, and wonder everytime one finishes, “who the fuck does this person think he is?”
    you are a boy, who hasnt lived.
    I wasted an hour and a half on your videos, and you know what i realized?
    you are annoying and are pompous.
    shave your little sole(soul) patch.
    oh and eat 400 hits of what you think is acid come talk to me, then maybe your ego will be gone and we can communicate on a real level and not the pedastal you have clearly put your self on.

  6. jjallen1976

    I havent even finished the video but I have experienced “God Head” and I want to say that I feel that I have experienced a god and the true way of “God” and that is meditation through altered states of mind. A voice came to me and said “respect the shaman”. I had no knowledge of shaman(believe it or not) other than it was an ancient practice. I could go on and on but there is not enough space in this comment box. I will add more…………

  7. azrial4421

    Ive never saw god or thought i saw god, think some people just cant handle their trip. Just gives you a new perception of the world, I always feel like a stranger or like i just started a new life, with a very interesting looking world.

  8. AndaleyAndaley

    heheh, you know Im a lazy motherfucker
    So I know what im talking about. To discover the Fact that scientifical knowledge makes you understand the world a lot better than religios knowledge, you have to understand it first
    And thats often a lot of work for da brain in your head ;

  9. phwsomething1

    Booze is a depressant, lsd is a psychedelic. The effects are as different as comparing opiates to stims. Of course there are those fools who go around “I LIKE TOTALLY SAW GOD MAAAAN” but there are also those who can legit felt experience on psychedelics.

    Usually when people say they see “god” they dont mean the silly deity concept god but rather just some kind of interconnecting force in everything.

  10. slack7639

    The laws are not constant, check out Chaos Theory, /watch?v=JnlkKdDXk-I … check out particle physics, /watch?v=OxENLH1ATV4 … yes, into science now, previously more into sci fi, but today, science is stranger and more entertaining than sci fi … all hetero guy here … I think intelligent design has a good way to explain creation, uses both evolution and creation … can your computer handle SL? It’s a blast, I can sho u around, IM me: slack7639 Gigamon

  11. empbac

    Yes, constant laws. Just because we don’t have them completely figured out yet doesn’t mean they aren’t constant. Science is still in its infancy, and look at what we, as a species, have already discovered about the universe we live in.

    So… you’re a hard-core Christian AND you’re into science? Do you also pal around transvestites? o.O Just very odd is all. What do you believe about young earth creationism?

    24 hour fasts aren’t that hard if you already control what you eat. Still not fun.

  12. slack7639

    Instead of Conquistadors, an exploratory ship of Atheists discovers the Apocalypto people. They witness the beheading, and removal of human heart. What to they do? a.) figure that’s just where they’re at, leave them alone, and move on, b.) tell them it’s inhumane, c.) enslave the village, steal the gold

  13. slack7639

    How do you like 24 hour fasts? I find them very difficult. Only done them 2 or 3 times. Constant laws that don’t fluctuate? Wow-you need to get up-to-date! I hang out in Second Life. There are many science groups in there, one of which is MICA (Meta Institute for Computational Astrophysics). Talks in there, people from NASA, CalTech, Princeton, MIT. Here’s a vid of Piet Hut: Real Research in Virtual Worlds, /watch?v=K_aKHAsYMrE … I like to show science vids in there on Sunday nights from YT.

  14. empbac

    You’re not getting it. I used to be a Christian. I’ve fasted for 3 days straight once and 1 day many times. And yes, the universe is comprehensible since it’s based on constant laws that do not fluctuate. Do you think I’ve never looked at trees, or Hubble images, or the Bible, or the human body? Grow up, man. Quite often two people can look at the same thing and have different impressions.

    One way to experience God is to do acid. Seriously. You’d begin to understand just how limited you are.

  15. slack7639

    Have you seen the Hubble Deep Field image? /watch?v=mcBV-cXVWFw . . . the universe is incomprehensible, if you’re intellectually honest. Try explaining it. One way to experience God, go on a 24 hour fast, you can have as much distilled water as you want.

  16. empbac

    As far as what you’re missing out on: peace of mind, comprehension, education, the ability to deal with reality on reality’s own terms, fun, harmless things like porn, responsible drug use, thriving in any social setting you choose, etc, accepting and being tolerant of others who are different than you, picking your own destiny and NOT throwing away the only life you know you’ll have in order to prepare for an afterlife that likely doesn’t exist, NOT being a slave to false ideology… etc.

  17. empbac

    Life is complex, and with your attitude you will never come close to understanding it. Your position is based on an argument from ignorance. “Well, *I* don’t understand it, so there MUST be a god!” Fact: we learn more about ‘life’ every day. Abiogenesis, evolution, genetics, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, etc… How much of this knowledge came from ‘God’, might I ask? That’s right – None of it!

    So, you know less about the world than I do yet you’re betting me that you’re right anyway…

  18. empbac

    Are you aware that the Greeks also practiced human sacrifice regularly? The Romans started to phase it out without the aid of Christianity (even though they still practiced other forms of merciless slaughter). It wasn’t just something from the new world. Where you find large, centralized, religious states, you tend to find crazy things like human sacrifice.

    The conquistadors were NOT pleasant people. Diaz, for example, was brutal. If you call that righteous, you are deluded.

  19. empbac

    The same way we evolved out of most of the other barbaric practices religion taught. You see, natural selection is about survival, and parasitism is quite common. The beasts of religion and the state are ideological viruses. They were never benign. Human sacrifice was a result of these parasitical teachings. As the ideology is exposed for what it is through open information and strong mutual social consensus, we become more enlightened and can abandon ancient practices like human sacrifice.

  20. slack7639

    I’ve listened to the whole Bible at least twice, both the KJV and NIV. Retention is admittedly questionable, but I have a basic idea of what I’m supposed to get from it. We started out in paradise, man rebelled, and we now live in this fallen world. This is the plan God came up with to teach us about Himself. Why not focus on what we know today: the moral law, 10 commandments, Beatitudes, forgiveness, Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins. Why obsess on history? Why not look at the whole picture?

  21. slack7639

    Could be, but life is too complex, engineered, and orderly for me to not believe in an all powerful, all knowing deity. In my opinion, there’s more evidence that supports this, than the atheist belief of no god, heaven, or hell. I’m placing my bet that God exists. I don’t see any downside to this. What am I missing out on?

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