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  1. Kyle Smith

    anyone else pick up on the fact that the lady in the beginning says a solar
    eclipse is when the earths shadow falls on the sun?? lmfao

  2. pagio60

    GRATE POINT OF VIEWS ….there are couple mistakes but in general grate
    and wise message to people who reason

  3. Anonim Beaster

    can someone tell me the names of the soundtracks used in this documentary?
    I like them and i’d want to listen to them without the voices.

  4. Michael Steven

    Occult = Hidden, Secret … Therefore, God’s knowledge is Occult knowledge
    … Drives Christians crazy when I tell them that … Most brainwashed
    Christians believe that anything ‘Occult’ is Satanic and evil … 

  5. parasythe

    the only way to understand Occultism is to find it yourself look into the
    world there are a few really good books check out Anton LaVey’s Satanic
    Bible and Satanic Rituals and read those look into Chaos Magick and other
    forms of Mysticism look into things like Divination Tarot Scrying ect
    meditation try to find your own beliefs the way to understand it properly
    is to understand yourself also look into the idea of Humanism there arent
    any really good documentaries sadly so far as i’ve found

  6. Mark Timm


  7. dude d

    “The earths shadow falling upon the sun” as a description of a solar
    eclipse??? This is a metaphor for the occult? no……… its a metaphor
    for the content of this video.

  8. Shaykh Sha'ir Malik Kabir Abdulrabb

    What was the song playing at the beginning? I need to know the name of this
    Death metal band, sounds techish.

  9. Shaykh Sha'ir Malik Kabir Abdulrabb

    he Deistic definition of god is the First Cause. Submission to that being
    is expressed in reason and rationality. So you are saying I should be
    irrational? No thanks kid. My name expresses, might, power, servitude, and
    humility all in one.


    Christians in the Middle Ages sadly gave Christianity a bad name although
    Islam had a bad name since it started.

  11. Yohann Aurora

    badly done… does anyone know of any good magick or occult related
    documentaries that are slightly more informative and better made?

  12. ellisedwards777

    I’m sorry, but you lost ALL credibility for me after only 3 minutes. How in
    all honesty are you expected to be taken seriously when you open with a
    women who claims that “the Earth’s shadow falls across the face of the sun”
    to create a solar eclipse? I’d recommend revisting your intention for
    exploring this realm.

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