Gnosis – The Occult Revealed | Documentary

EnlighteningChannel asked:

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  1. Kyle Smith

    anyone else pick up on the fact that the lady in the beginning says a solar
    eclipse is when the earths shadow falls on the sun?? lmfao

  2. pagio60

    GRATE POINT OF VIEWS ….there are couple mistakes but in general grate
    and wise message to people who reason

  3. Anonim Beaster

    can someone tell me the names of the soundtracks used in this documentary?
    I like them and i’d want to listen to them without the voices.

  4. David

    Anonim Beaster- the music in the documentary is solo para tus ojos by MIguel Angel Fabre…assuming thats the one you are looking for…I was and found it…had to purchase the song online but will send you the mp3 if needed :)

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