1. Robbie O'Callaghan

    New World Order is Occult and is apart of our education system. Its scientology this is what o.c.c.u.l.t. s.a.t.a.n stands for Organised Crime Corporals United Line Time, Science Alliance Time Amalgamation Nations New World Order, One World, One Way, One Rule Satanic. Its been clearly seen that every National Goverment Globally is The One Goverment Trying to get in to have that One Goverment and why they are trying to change the voting system to the one party that gets in has the first and last say. Thats what happened in Libyia one party one rule one say One Devastation.

  2. Robbie O'Callaghan

    It’s a very sad time line in history where the jewish where slaughtered by the Germanic Occult. Hitler was a Ju but he came from the race Judas Hell The Germanic Devil He Rod thats rules with an iron fist. People don’t actually stop to think that if the shit from the past isn’t exposed then the evolution of Evil evolves and history keeps repeating itself. The french language was a language invented as a code so when the heads of satans army went out into any public arena, none could understand what was been disgusted. The third Reich is and was the OCCULT then. Its in Our Police Force, Goverment, Judical System, Education System, its every where, because the public choose to put what they want first. Satan speaks in many tounges meaning they will say what the public want to hear, to get the vote. Very stupid.

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