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ernestmedina asked:

Bibliography Ridley, Jasper The Freemasons: a history of the worlds most powerful secret society Arcade Publishing, New York 1999 A page about Freemasonry 26 Dec. 2008, 22 April 2009 United Grand Lodge of England 11 March 2009, 22 April 2009 The Freemasons Grand Charity 22 April 2009 Famous Freemasons 22 April 2009


  1. ernestmedina


    Interesting response. Not much to say to that, so i guess i will shut TH fuck up. Touchy

  2. KiemonBeard

    Your wording almost makes it seem as if the Morgan affair took place outside the US. Also only 14 Presidents have been Masons. LBJ never passed the degree of Entered Apprentice, Regan was only honorary and Clinton was a member of Demolay which is like a Scout troop sponsored by Masons.

  3. sausagenpeppers

    this was actually a very true to facts movie. its freemasonry in the simplest of terms.

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