GazzaToTheBeat asked:

an insight inot the occult and luciferian dogma


  1. aron2454

    @BrowniieeDoll jesus is the beast and as Yahushua said you cannot serve two masters, you cannot serve Yahushua and jesus, people choose jesus and hate Yahushua, as Yahushua said the world hated him first, how all of a sudden the world greatly embraces jesus? from islam to christianity and even athiest. jesus is worldly accepted while Yahushua is hated even as it is written. HalleluYAH the real children of Y’sraEl is awakening. you can keep jesus aka 666 the beast or turn to Yahushua shalom

  2. BrowniieeDoll

    this video is busllshit. if “jesus” was “evil” than we would be preached to do bad, to sin more and kill people. but we are preached to love one another. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT

  3. stitchmorg

    im going to make a video and block out my face, say i was once in the illuminati, and then make up shit so ppl will believe it too


    Its crazy how videos like this youtube wont let me view it.. just a blank black box… DAMN!

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