Farrakhan Speaks on Michael Jackson Assassination, Illuminati part 7

MALIKllllRAllllEL9 asked:

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    i dont agree with islam at all since my people have felt and dealt with its brutal oppression for over 1,300 years now…but i do have to agree with everything the great mr farrakhan is saying

  2. einaeb5

    I am hearing this speech for the first time..amazing! He say some of the same things I say in my book…..messiah, crucificion, Archangel, warrior! “An Angel Among Us: We Called Him Michael Jackson…a spiritual journey.”
    peace, light & michaeLOVE, michelle


    The NOI teaches Islam and the followers are muslims. Islam means submission & peace and the NOI has minimal to no record of violence in it’s history. Muslim means to submit to the will of God and the NOI members submit; all members take the Shahada; The NOI religious book is the Qu’ran; they adhere to the 5 principles of Islam (Belief in one God/Allah, Salat, fasting, zakat and Hajj to mecca). To confirm attend Jummah, Mosque Mariam. The NOI is still the NOI and under Farrakhan’s guidance.

  4. garciaf20

    thats why no matter wuth religion,color or race u are put that aside and lets unite as one then we can defeweat the sistem..only way like they say…”One can make a difference..a million can change the world.”

  5. Kareena1988

    i can feel the joy this farahkhan feels when people applaud..dont forget hes also with the Illuminati!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. mikeybrumbrum

    I think you will find that the nwo are all colours, and some of the people you trust, are nwo – they will misslead you !

    Im not talking about this guy – i like him. But look at jayzee etc.

    They WANT black people to become satanists, so that christians and muslims will attack you. Then your strength of goodness, has become “apparetly”, a stregth of satan, and must be destroyed by teh world.

    You must realise that if michael jackson cant beat them, neither can any “single” group of people.

  7. bakshoe

    hey malikiiraiiel9 can you repost part 6 of farrakhan because there is no sound on that clip.

  8. Ahbelina

    And FINALLY JUSTICe is being Done!!! Evan Chandler Tops himself at LAST! It should have happened a long long time Ago. Michael Lives For EVER …..

  9. arabiankn8

    They killed Michael Jackson you should go to this website for full details: TRUTH0MICHAELJACKSON0AE replace 0 with dot

  10. Alix7861

    I knoo…especially the part when he talks about “they dont really care about us”..

  11. sherroddean

    i have had it about a month and a half and i’ve watched about 30 times it’s very good………..

  12. warmandgifted

    We all know that he had people around him that should not be around him, enablers, he was still a loving caring giving person who gave to charities all of his life, broke all kinds of records/had so much more to do, we can only imagine what his messages would have been with the concerts.

  13. sda1225

    I have GOT to get this video in its entirety. THE HONORABLE MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST!

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