Farrakhan Speaks on Michael Jackson Assassination, Illuminati part 4

MALIKllllRAllllEL9 asked:

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  1. horvathj2

    I hate pictures of human mudatás wound like that when you live in now mindengi image mudást mijért when loved when amikorélt ISDE was heaven to be with you

  2. marivera2010

    Funny how u people dont like the truth at all n its a shame you’d do anything to keep urselves blinded by all thats going on but oh in the name of allah u all will soon see i love this man and his teachings cause he’s opened up my eyes to a lot of what is going on in the world today………thank you minister i greatly from the heart appreciate u

  3. 36Chik

    White people just will never get …..they will always pretend like there’s no problem and they have no clue as to what we are talking about…..it’s just really sickening how truly evil and sick they are….thank the creator the universe the planet and our nice blazing sun for speeding up their extinction …..we are just tired of this beast cave dwelling devil

  4. lukeyboy123able

    What a lot of crap. No wonder people are full of confusion, and hate, and anger. When people like this emotionally sprout off about nothing, they incite the masses to rebel and revolt….for no meaninful reason! Of course, THAT’S the plan – to cause mayhem, and then take control!!

  5. Vegheadsrock

    I hear a lot of jiberish here. I don’t think they told Todd that he could not change his name. I don’t think anyone thought MJ was dangerous. I think Sony had a motive to want him dead and I think AEG had a motive because he was missing rehersals but there is no proof. He had many motives to fake his death. Anybody else have any ideas?

  6. MRJACKSON19581


  7. tigersforchrist

    MiddleEast ALWAYS at war! Mohammad violent SINFUL cult Murderer!Jesus/Healed/Blessed/Peace/Salvation/GOD! All MUSLIMS who converted to Christianity ARE HAPPY & FREE OF ABUSE & MISERY! Islam leaders are killing you! Christians LOVE YOU! PLEASE accept JESUS CHRIST as your SAVIOR! John 3:16 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him! REBEL & ACCEPT JESUS! Be FREE of ISLAM LIES! Visit wlix radio.com

  8. thicky

    wht in the world is he talkin about? this dude is all over the place. i wish he had finished the story about bridges caus the fbi tellling him he cant change his name had nothing to do with keeping him enslave. bridges had a criminal record. of course if i was the law i would question him changing his name too. he is no longer in that llife now i hear bridge is xtian. hopefully he is stronger now.


    Michael Jackson was a follow of Aleister Crowley…or in other words Lucifer…check your facts on this man before you praise him. Jesus is the only way to salvation.

  10. emymummy

    respect michael!!!!!!!!!! michael is the greatest he really is michael has feeling michael is a human being michael is a angel i belive that with alllllllllllllll my heart i love you sweet michael

  11. Audascity1

    America was based on an economic system of slavery! the mark happened along time ago! Slavery is the mark of the beastly system! captivity is the mark of the beastly system! we were the commodity! the charge cards! the stock!

  12. SeptiaWoman

    “cos thats was muslims do. they LIE. HABITUALLY.”

    Just like your caucasoid presidents of “Amerikka.”

  13. TheClubMantra

    Beings that the dollar bill is nearly worthless, the short answer, no, I do not keep a dollar bill(s) in my pocket.

  14. Bronxlady1

    You are mistaken. Do you have a dollar bill in your pocket, with the demonic symbol of the pyramid and the all seeing eye on it? Does that make you a devil worshipper? Does it? I don’t think so. Be kind. Be fair.

  15. EYEthatwatchestheEYE

    @acery bogg you make MJ sound like the messiah. ever heard of JESUS? He is love INCARNATE. MJ lived by the sword and died by it. (metaphorically since witchcraft and demonic channeling iis obviously dangerous). rumor has it that he received islam but i think thats just his brother LYING cos thats was muslims do. they LIE. HABITUALLY.

  16. Johnny8109

    I understand what you´re saying, I´m just a natural skeptic of sorts.that´s what people like farrakhan Teaches us to be ! He may put on an act to like him just to gain more support.. but I dunno, perhaps that´s cynical to say.

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