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Illuminati Members asked:

membersofilluminati.blogspot.com In this video, you will see that there are many famous illuminati members who use "subliminal hand signs" as a way to convey their message to people. Both world leaders and celebrities are involved with the illuminati. membersofilluminati.blogspot.com Famous Illuminati Members / Celebrity Illuminati Members ...


  1. stlnavy314

    They are connected because they all are all tools to brainwash the masses. There is a thing called witch language, and witches pit spells on every popular song. Elton John said he writes every song in which language. There are supposed demons, spirits, and curses on every album and cd. I know it sounds crazy but think about it. All of em with the hand signs and videos and shit. It’s also been widely admitted.


    I don’t believe any of these are actual illuminati as much as pawns of the illuminati .. mere bootlickers .. well paid and wealthy, but bootlickers nevertheless

  3. PixelBros300

    Ok this is a lode of big fat BS first the so called illuminadie us fake it is really called the freemasons and it Only! Accepts men

  4. MrNeal1981

    The stuffs a little scary man. I always thought it was just a conspiracy theory you almost have to ask yourself why would people from all these different walks of life be connected.

  5. stlnavy314

    In an interview for 6omin I think he said he was holding up his end of the deal he made long ago. With the ” chief”. The interviewer said dare I ask with who? And he said the ruler of this world, and the world we don’t see. According to the bible, satan is the god of this world, as he was cast below. Below heaven is earth. Many a celeb admit to selling their soul, Katy perry, jay z, kanye, Madonna, ozzy, led zep, the who, Jim Morrison, eminem, 50 cent, the list goes on.

  6. MrNeal1981

    Didnt Bob Dylan even admit he sold his soul? I’m sure they say its a joke but weird as hell.

  7. stlnavy314

    Sorry, even a savant genius like myself can’t keep all that bullshit straight. “…I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” —Revelation 2:9

  8. Maria Williams

    Not to burst your bubble, but can you explain to me how rev 3:2 has anything to do with satan being the god of the jews?

  9. fator urbano

    guy,our soul is eternal,these people want steal the rest that god promises us in this holy word,throgh his son;think about it.

  10. brianhoward01

    money power respect what you need in life
    and that’s not to disagree with you im just saying it’s heartbreaking to me that everyone I looked up to growing up is a satanists
    peace be with you brother

  11. sexyskulls101

    And I guess no one should have anything triangle like Katy Perry’s ear rings

  12. sexyskulls101

    This is so dumb really just cause someone might have one eye covered then they follow satan yea that makes sense. Not. My hair falls over one eye all the time and when I rest my head one of my eyes sometimes and I’m pretty sure that I’m a Christian

  13. Anishdaminester3

    some of these are quite obvious especially the girls cuz of the lyrics in their songs and stuff got to have a good understanding of whats said to realise what they really mean but some of these a kinda crap such as obama twidling his fingers i mean wtf

  14. xxHarlequinn

    The songs are epic. What are they, if you don’t mind me asking?

    Btw, no Lady GaGa or Ke$ha?

  15. moxie2go2

    a peace sign=broken cross..i dont believe in wearing a cross,jeshua died on a stake ,not a no.2the torah and the new testament say not to have or wear any idol.why do you think the goth , wear a cross?its supposed to show that jesus is or was dead.its not a christian sign .there are no signs to wear you believe in G-d he gave his son as the ultimate sacrifice.you just believe in your heart,love the lord all other things in your life that are nor supposed to be there,HE will reveal

  16. marcypatino

    Tbh it seems like the whole entire music industry ppl r worshipinq saton,y?;?Bcuz they sell there soul to saton 4 fame ,they sighm a contract,it couldnt b brokn by any1 but god;)#TEAMJESUS

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