False Flag Terrorism AND Star Wars (HD)

DanielTheDorian asked:

This video summarizes the 'Star Wars' prequel trilogy's political storyline, which is that of false flag war and terror. Just as the original 'Star Wars' trilogy was modeled after folklore and mythology, such as the legend of King Arthur, the prequel trilogy was modeled after political history. 'Star Wars' creator George Lucas has said of his villain Palpatine, "It's not the first time a politician has created a war to try to stay in office." There are countless examples of governments attacking their own people as happened in 'Star Wars', not excepting the US at all. For a good documentary showing the 'Star Wars'-esque history of false flag terror and war, check out the documentary 'Terrorstorm', by Alex Jones, available for free on YouTube. SUBSCRIBE:- www.youtube.com/danielthdorian BE LOVE~


  1. TheNewAeon2012

    fantastic job! I have been telling my friends for a long time that this is what the prequels are showing us; not many ppl notice this however. Because of the depth of the story & the similarities to the real-life conspiracy to destroy “the Republic” (USA), I firmly believe that the prequels are better. Both better story & better effects (don’t ask me about the acting, though, I have no comment)

  2. slangshotstudios

    we must embrace the Obi-Wans of this earth and this age. However, nearly all of them go unnoticed or ridiculed. Thus is the way it goes. This is why Jesus Christ was brutally crucified and then worshipped after his death. The masses are always wrong because they are always guided down the wrong path.

  3. tenakakhan1985

    I started really paying attention to this when Ep. III, came out and had a sinking feeling but shrugged it off. Now I know this is basically a small blueprint for how corruption got in. Excellent analogy man. I hope this wakes more people up before it’s too late.

  4. LordHewing

    Excellence as usual :)

    We will not be maneuvered into conflict, self destruction and enslavement
    We love all our brothers and sisters from all around the globe and are only at odds with the lies of the Shadow government (NWO / Illuminati) who are a weak, diseased cancer who must be removed and made to answer for their crimes.

    We will realize our true wonder and rightful destiny Love and freedom will prevail

  5. raysantana22

    great video friend. i never noticed this when watching star wars. thanx bro cant wait to see more

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