EYE OF THE ILLUMINATI (2012 Full Documentary)

Mark Howitt asked:

EYE OF THE ILLUMINATI (2012) Due to Youtube blocking a majority of the films I make, I have made them available on DVD so that the information CANNOT be supp...


  1. Michael Healy

    I REALLY want to watch this but the background music is too much.  Shit man it’s like listening to the credits at the end of a shitty thriller for 3 hours.

  2. flowerette1989

    Thank you i learn a lot and my eyes are open ,this video made me cry and it speaks the truth.

  3. trev moffatt

    With the exception of fascism – most other ideologies are progressive and well meaning. Its just they’ve gotta kill a lot of people to reach their goals. Bush’s goals in Iraq were noble enough from his point of view. Get rid of Saddam, install a freemarket economy. And Iraq’s oil is better owned by western companies so its not used to buy super guns, WMD etc. Besides corporation tax helps rebuild the country along the lines of S Arabia and Kuwait. The road to hell is paved with good intentions

  4. Sem F

    I love this kind of documentary but why do you have to put that stupid devil music in the background? It’s really off-putting – a kind of brain-washing device in itself…

  5. davantbryant

    Must commend you on your attempt to shed some light upon your fellow man.There is no harm in historical knowledge.

  6. NeutralExistence

    That is hilarious, you actually think these men didn’t have a huge influence in the creation, and modern conception of Christianity? So ignorant to think that while everything else has been manipulated, Christianity would be left untouched.

  7. Jerry Jo

    At least monkeys are tangible. lol you laugh at monkey but praise a sky ghost youve never seen before

  8. Iaminnocentlol

    half of what he’s saying is true! this guy believes in evolution” I don’t listen to talking monkeys…. Jesus is our saviour!!!

  9. thesupernittygritty

    they do it for money and their own definitions of success. take away soldiers pay/benefits and there would be no volunteer soldiers ONLY draftees. people willing to kill and die for money are NOT normal.

  10. elizabethannne

    wel some1 is rude. dont judge a person who is expresin der treu belifs, okay? ist not up 2 u 2 decide who is wrogn or rite. onli god and jeses demself cen do dat.

  11. elizabethannne

    old enouf to no dat the good news needs to be spread. othawise da devil kill al non-chrsitan poeple!!!!!!!

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