EXPOSED The Illuminati Are Deliberately Dumbing Down Society To Bring On The NWO.

Franklin Taylor asked:



  1. PuebloRevolt91

    The illuminati is only a media tool used on sheep who dont care about their lives anyway. Unfortunately, these sheep affect us negatively when they follow dumbass trebds

  2. Ian Pruett

    And that’s why they succeed you convince yourself its fake because you don’t want to admit that your life was all prepared by these people.. This will happen but keep God in your hearts in times of darkness and you will live again

  3. missyA67

    Discard all future trappings of unnecessary ‘must have’ shiny new baubles that are dangled before us & use technology for communication to awaken from the anaesthetised state that is inauthentic living. Question everything.

  4. missyA67

    Satre said circumstances will inevitably restrict what we are able to do, but nevertheless we are free to choose how we respond to these circumstances. We think ourselves free but it is time to begin to put this thought into action. The power of awareness is a powerful thing in itself.

  5. tekbarrier

    I know the illuminati exists because the other day I was brushing my teeth and I heard a voice say “don’t forget to clean along the gumline” and I pulled back my shower curtain and there was a shapeshifting reptilian hiding in my shower and encouraging my oral hygiene! Oh I’m so frightened somebody hold me! :(

  6. TheSniperking59

    Sports isnt bad i love football and i know alot of facts about the team i like but i know whats happening some people are jus dumb

  7. Ricardo Villela

    Say no to the 666 chip and get torture till u say yes or die ….. wich ever comes first .. but the world will fight back against this… win or lose that we don’t know but we are not going down without a fight… its gonna be like fight for our independence all over again ………..

  8. adrian ornelas

    Well we are going to die according to you so who cares nothing is going to stop them not your little YouTube videos not anything

  9. adrian ornelas

    There is absolutely no way to stop these people hello of we even try and revolt we will all die because they have all the weapons

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