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111TRUTH111 asked:

The film is "Blast from the Past" starring Christopher Walken,Alicia Silverstone & Brendan Fraser The symbolism is the same as ALL major Hollywood films. Three 666 subliminals,countless Sun, pyramid and eye symbolism,Masonic symbols and more,no coincidences here..EVERY SCENE carries symbolism significant to the Illuminati in some way. The scene with Blackboard could not be more obvious to anyone,the truth in plane view people. If this is the first film on the illuminati/Masonic control and ...

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  1. RizeOrDie

    now i can never see films, or in this case TV in the same way again…

    music videos are even worse, listen to the words… its disturbing… they are not brainwashing the elders, they brainwash the children, the future…

  2. DiggingMyOwnGrave2

    This movie, in particular, is really loaded with the Zionist/Illuminati/Masonic
    Check out the “Hidden in Hollywood” series on YouTube…it goes through a lot more movies.

  3. ZzTheTruthzZ

    Yes were ruled by evil and told to do good whilst they do bad, yes yes yes….fema camps…yes yes yes…so what…nothing you can do about it…its gonna happen and many sheep will die.

  4. Etherlad

    The satanic Freemason-Illuminati control our minds by putting images of Sunflowers into mediocre Comedy-movies.

    So clever. But you sure showed them! o.O

  5. girlphriend

    why is it that the government has to work so hard to censor movies and music. FCC fines and warnings and all that? The ratings system? maybe its because these artists (while in the same group as some of the “bad guys” maybe unknowingly, maybe not) are trying to secretly let all of us know what they know. they HAVE to be sneaky. and some of it is just people putting in their clubs symbols. symbols only have the power we give them. as do rituals. its about ENERGY. they know how to use it.

  6. Shadowlooker12

    females quick to open their legs,guys quick to open his pants but tell them to open their mind and own beliefs,that’s when you got a challenge.

  7. mackthefatcat

    just reading the first 3 pages of tripe was enough to make me wish that we could start america again, but without the morons who just posted….I am far from being articulate when I type, my errors in spelling and grammer are obvious, but christ you are some sorry non educated shits. STFU and Die, and please for the sake of the rst of the world do it quickly before you reproduce.

  8. achadsith

    too much time on your hands? Why dont you initiate and expose all the masonic secrets. From my understanding masons aren’t usually trying to hide there membership, so why must they be exposed? you are asleep.

  9. IfIfsandands

    I doubt there’s any satanic element to social hierarchy. I think it’s an excuse by those who just won’t get that far, because they are not smart enough or just don’t ‘fit the profile’ to account for those that do get there. For example, I don’t get the job promotion I hoped for. A guy I thinks is less smart than me gets it. Rather than think ‘Maybe he is just easier to work with than me’, I think there is some pact going on. There may not be, he may be just nicer to work with than I am.

  10. BushBlewUpTwinTowers

    and somebody had drank the coolaid to think that they could blow up building 7 and not think the american people would figure it out

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