1. joebananatube

    What nobody mentions is, Article 3 section 3, US constitution, Treason is defined as waging war against American’s. Treason is considered a crime in the USA. Every president that’s supported the war on drugs has committed treason against these United States. Which is a more serious crime, possession of a flower, or treason? The US has been under a treasonous dictatorship for forty years, it’s time to start enforcing the laws where they’ll do the most good.

  2. lmollot

    why is this considered news? go back vietnam heroine cia import (book 6 days of condor)- even further back queen victoria opium wars-afghanistan forced growing of poppy for usa-her smuggling opium in north america via missionaries-distributing to slaves& native indian-4 compliance to invaders-middle ages monks grew grapes for wineaddictions/hops-opium in medicines-religious men 12,000 yrs ago started pimping women into marriage(selling women/child)-drugs disorganized the iroquois matriarcy lands

  3. lmollot

    go live in south-wqhere theres lots drugs grown not food- marijuana cant be used by certain pple-after the high the crash down can be suicidal=like my lil sis- also-steal money frim mother & sis be friends- can be a problem (–for them)= i have lived w addicts-drugs have always been used to make slave and break down resistance & obtain COMPLIANCE- get high my friend

  4. lmollot

    its all about drugs- since the egyptians greeks, queen victoria the missionaries carriers, -see kay griggs ex wife of cia /marine general -read mad dogs to see what gov does to their retired agents- and bush sR HIS import/traffic heroin & habit & his childrapes & traffic of children of the poor workers esp ethnic -irish,scots, natives,the conquered slaves -drugs rape to dis organize the workers

  5. SoldierCyfix

    @ic300x whats funny is thhat its true.

    there is such thing as watter poisoning when you drink too much water, but to die from Marijuana you have to smoke 1.5 tons in under 15minutes

  6. codyemc2

    “its not a war on drugs, its a war on personal freedoms, keep that in mind at all times thank you”. bill hicks

  7. DarkAnewbyss

    @gobucksfu Man, just because weed fucked up your life doesn’t mean it fucks up everyone’s life. If you’re so against it, tell your kids the truths about marijuana. Tell them your life story I’m sure it’ll be a big enough reason for them to not do it. And stop talking about yourself it’s sad. @Kangol12323 keep doing your thing and giving weed a good name! We need more marijuana smokers like you out there instead of burnouts like Gobucksfu

  8. DarkAnewbyss

    We’re already sending mixed signals. Weed makes you dumb, or it’s the same thing as trying crack, but I guarantee that kids have at least one friend they know that uses and the kids see that and ask them, isn’t that like smoking crack? Why let your kids find out half truths from peers when you can sit them down and be honest with them, instead of letting the teachers and government tell them, if you have a problem with it tell your kids. It works for me, I tell the truth

  9. idleedsel

    Medicinal Crack Cocain will solve the problem of obesity in america. I know because it cured me. Do you support Medicinal Crack Cocain or are you with McDonalds and the huge Pharmaceuticals?


  10. lutherarao

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  11. TheMoviebuff78

    You guys are right been smoking weed for the last four years.i am 32 now so i realy see no harm in smoking weed afther work laying on the couch by the way i am a lucky man were i come from it,s legal

  12. abuBakr97

    Brother I know your right about being robbed of one’s ambition. I started smoking when I was fifteen. I’m fifty next year and I can honestly say I ‘missed the boat’ cos of weed.
    There’s very few people who can use instead of being used. You have a bad day at work. Never mind i’ve got a nice piece of black charrash when I get home (or maybe even on the bus). I’ve had a row with my ‘bird’. Never mind have a joint. Everything in your life moves down one peg.Your life is built on weed.

  13. jlargemusic

    Very true. I serve at a restaurant and I go to work blazed everyday. Ive been serving high everyday for years now. Im not lazy. I dont sit on my ass all day watchin poison poor out of the screen. if anything it was a stepping stone in opening my eyes to the lies ive been told my whole life.

  14. Tw1St3DSt33L

    it’s a plant…..known for thousands of years….made illegal because of the paper industry almost 70 years ago….based on “public welfare” and other lies….now they only have the pillar of hypocrisy to stand on.

    Who gets high and tries to shoot cops? that’s just impossible. It’s just too much effort.

  15. mrcomedy454

    Not everyone is but most people do turn out to be unmotivated. Alot of my closest friends use to get straight A’s beginning of high school, by senior year they were all struggling to get a C average.

  16. Blunted206

    that doesn’t mean everyone’s like that, most lazy people that smoke were probably lazy to begin with you can’t blame the weed

  17. mrcomedy454

    The only reason I can see marijuana as an issue if it was legalized, is the side effect of being lazy as shit. Don’t even try and say that weed doesn’t make you lazy because it makes you extremely unmotivated. I’ve smoked for 4 years and I’ve seen it happen to everyone who is a daily user.

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