Devil’s Island – Haunted Paranormal Documentary

Mystery Of Man asked:

Devil's Island - Haunted Paranormal Documentary Devil's Island has quite a rich and interesting history. Originally, it was called Rous' Island after the ori...


  1. cryborgsephiroth

    No such thing as ghosts its all in our head. Come on people we are living
    in the 21th century.


    The worst psychic. Annoying. Also, the stories of Alcatraz are so well
    known. It’s like telling my life story to a palm reader and then being
    surprised when she says there will be great things to come. Really? Thanks.

  3. Joshua Hugo

    Nice description-but where is this? The most famous Devil’s Island is in
    French Guyana, a prison isle, where the famous Papillon was sent. Dreyfus
    too-I take it this isn’t it. Will watch to see.

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