Democracy ?

bigmoney714 asked:

his 10-minute film from Encyclopedia Britannica Films features Dr. Harold D. Lasswell of Yale, who was a professor of law and of political science at the school while both our current and our most recent presidents were students there. You can bet that no student ever learned this stuff in a public school. Instead, they are taught the political correctness doctrine. A doctrine that in itself, will divide the very cohesion of these United States of America. Watch the film "Despotism" produced in 1946 by Encyclopedia Britannica.


  1. JubalDiGriz

    I’m missing what the shocking revelations are. If anything, this seems tamer than what I got in school.
    Good video, though. Pity not many people have seen it.

  2. 1schwererziehbar1

    i had this uploaded on my channel and it got blocked by youtube because it is “owned or licensed by Sony Pictures”. yeah sure.

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