Debunk This! 202 (ChemTrails)

ChangeDaChannel asked:

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  1. wolfdaddy1974

    Jesse Ventura has also proven that these Chem Trails are also used to spread bacteria like the flu bug, etc., and chemicals that are hazardous to our health (Cancer causing agents etc.), in an effort to lower the population. Here in Northern Lower MI. on the East side of the state we see it very regularly through out the summer.

  2. Hijynx87

    I see it in the sky weekly. Not every day, but sometimes damn close. This is for SE Wisconson. I’ve seen 8-10 planes at once making grids at the same time and stopping…slightly turning and then blasting again.

  3. wolfdaddy1974

    This chem-trail myth is NOT a myth. You proved it here, and Gov. Jesse Ventura has since proven chem trails are our governments efforts to control the weather. And they’ve been doing it for decades!

  4. Belfrey1

    4:15 Shows meteorologists talking about radar chaffing exercises by the military. Chaffing is real, but it is not the same thing as what “chemtrails” are claimed to be. Chaffing does not leave persistent, visible trails in the sky, and the persistent contrails being filmed and photographed by chemtrails believers don’t show up on weather radar.

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