1. 568popcorn

    (Al-E-Imran) Powiedz (O Muhammad, dla ludzkości): Jeśli kochacie Boga, za mną, Bóg cię kocham i przebaczy wam wasze grzechy. Bóg jest przebaczający, litościwy. (31)

  2. samugote

    I am a Christian too and not surprised about what the video reveals. Our African countries have such leaders and similar stories. The world need not have condemned Idi Amin beacuse it was reported he ate human flesh. To rule this world is no small matter and leaders such as them need some kind of Satanic connection for power to dupe so many millions of very clever people (us) to steal from us our lives and posterity. The bible is clear the god of this world continues to wield immense power

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