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Conversational hypnosis training is the most powerful mind control technique training - CD mp3 all available today through the Hypnosis and mind control website. Great trance soundtrack.


  1. Cisco Wheeler

    Good job! You nailed it to the wall.
    The spirit of YHVH has departed from most of the churches in America because of the spirit of apostasy. The whole of the word of God is a testament or will by the blood of the testator. The very character and ethos of the Holy Scripture is salvation by the precious blood of Yahshua Messiah. It is a crimson cord that traces its way from the beginning to the end through the Garden of Eden to the book of Revelations. To take away or tear down this eternal life force that is forever present in the living word of God is to destroy the Revelation knowledge of God through Yahshua Messiah. Christ’s shed blood and sacred death was sufficient for the sanctification from sin throughout the ages of time and it is the same yesterday, today and forever. The Bible repetitively speaks of God’s promise to preserve his word when he says, “Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away” (Matthew 24:35). “The grass withereth, the flowers fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand forever”

    BEHOLD A WHITE HORSE Is A Must Read For Every Truth Seeker as Cisco Wheeler has given the world a deeper insight as to how Catholicism, Masonry, Witchcraft,Mormonism and all Secret Societies, has blinded its spiritual tapestry within the very fibers of the Christian church. Through the traditions of man the Anti-Christ has come through the front door of the churches and has deceitfully sat himself down as a teacher in the pulpits of the world churches of today, to deceive what is left of the righteous seed. of YHVH GOD. Through the blinding of Luciferian knowledge in the churches of today,the world council of Religious Leaders aims to serve as a model and guide for the creation of a community of world religions…. The objective of the council is to serve a resource to the United Nations and its agencies around the world, nation states and other international organizations, offering the collective wisdom and resources of the faith and traditions towards the resolution of critical global problems. BABYLON THE BEAST RIDING THE BEAST OF REVELATIONS: 17

    Countless churches and Christian ministries across this nation are already infiltrated by the Illuminati, Satanists, cults, often by CIA and the intelligence community, spying on the faithful…even up to the PULPIT itself. Enemies of the true Gospel from many sectors of society and many hidden agendas have infiltrated, corrupted, deceived and even brainwashed many Christians in this desperate hour.

    Satanists are preparing their people to assist in the government/military round-up of Christians when martial law is declared. Just as patriotic Americans are preparing, even forming Constitutionally based and legal militias to fight for their freedoms when martial law is declared, so the satanists/Illuminati are preparing their people in covert paramilitary training camps, to combat ALL future NEW WORLD ORDER RESISTANCE. They will work with the traitorous elements of our military and government and law enforcement, to help round up all NWO resistance, including CHRISTIANS

  2. Robbie O'Callaghan

    In the real world hypnosis can’t put those under that can over power mind control. It has been my opinion for years that within the bible holds a master plan that holds the hypnosis to control the minds of those who believe that some supreme being with a name called God is going to watch earth get destroyed then come save ya all. I think not, if he sent his sons-daughters to descend and mated with the sons on earth and taught them sourcery and craft, I personally believe either someones made a stupid mistake in the Bible or Satans screwed ya all over so to look at mind control in a different light: dont wait for god to come and save ya all, so save yourselves and realise the bible is based a lot on truths been revised for centuries and thats telling me by what I’ve seen, there’s a mind control thats made someone very wealthy, and its possible that the truth of the matter is we allow others to convince us of what they believe because itas their job to so mind control has many faces. In the time line we are in at this point make sure ya all no who you allow to tamper with your needs, beliefs, because satan has many faces and speaks what many want to hear and the sad part is those that speak the truth none want to hear. “P” is the drug that has a spiritual name “Perspene” the effect is mind control, mind altering, halucigon, so the meaning Satans Mind.

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