1. NixHex83

    Wow…you really need to leave your intelligence at the door to enjoy this kind of thing. Of course its entertaining and everyone loves a good conspiracy theory because its intriguing. These kind of videos are the real conspiracies, tricking an manipulating people! People just dont want to accept that their lives are meaningless and dull so they believe in conspiracy theories, religion, ufos, etc.
    The pictures, videos, sounds could be of anything and anyone.
    At least Zeitgeist was well made…

  2. mrblvd1235

    so im assuming youve watched zeitgist.? if so what do you think about the egyptians having the same story with the same attributes jesus had? i’ve done my research and you saying zeitgist isnt entirely true gives me relief

  3. trellbfield1

    @Paradox531 that can never happen… we all have been brain washed since birth.. we only know wht we are taught. and we are only taught wat the illuminati wants us to learn. the media, tv, everything. its all brainwashing us. can u imagine the world without the illumnati?? world peace!!!! and no violence. thats heaven!

  4. rickydepths1

    @codemontauk Another child deceived by Zeitgeist. Peter Joseph is a theosophist. They believe in Satanism and that Jesus is the evil one. Get your facts before you promote propaganda.

  5. richietheripper

    i keep seeing people say “put faith in god” the word god only means “creator” god could be the christian god, or satan, or zeus, or even aliens who used us as test subjects….clearify who god is! i put my faith in god the father of jesus christ who was sent here to be our messiah and redeem us of our sins!!

  6. tldevilsh

    @beejahbless God needs devil to weed out the weak-minded individuals who will eventually get kicked out in heaven for having drunken orgies

  7. trackxc84

    Regardless of who sponsored Zeitgeist the fact of the matter is its take on theosophy was sloppily done and factually incorrect. I am all for open discussion and if you can ‘debunk’ Christianity with credible evidence I’d be open to listening but Zeitgeist is for amateurs really. Research yourself… all forms in info even the info that falls in line with your general beliefs. Do not be lied to people.

  8. codemontauk

    @Acmd7 how do you know this? that it was financed by masons? and why does it make so much sense then if it weren’t true? it can’t just be a coincidence that many of the religions’ share a connection with astrology. they’re almost all the same, and they link to cosmic events and constellations…

  9. Acmd7

    @codemontauk Zeitgeist is also financed by the masons, they tactic is to propose everytime a “new”solution and a “new” view. Jesus Christ existed and did miracles. It is confirmed by the Jews, Christians and Muslims.

  10. Xendrius

    @codemontauk Zeitgeist part 1 has been debunked hard for using lies and nonsenical ideas about Jesus, there is more evidence to support the historical jesus than for anyone who lived under his time I believe one history documentary said. There are non-biblical sources to prove it aswell.

    Also Jesus was the one that brought the knowledge about the supernatural force/ufos to the willing masses.

    Research it harder, the Illuminati controls all organized religion, not the bible though.

  11. codemontauk

    @Acmd7 haha jesus christ? watch the first part of zeitgeist, noobie. search for it on google video

  12. rtljmc

    @jdover8484 this is the problem ur faith in god is different to the faith of the same religion 1500 years ago because ur religion is corrupt….

  13. twinsofsparda

    exactly in the end god promises us he will protect us humans against these demons but we got to worship god for his guidance

  14. kspatriot92

    @belija91 watched both of those documentaries they are A DISBELIEVERS VIEW

    if u still dont believe in god then u need help because they USE JINN RESEARCH THAT to do things and magicians do to

  15. Infineon77

    @belija91 Thanks for the link to Esoteric Agenda, Kymatica……that was a great video series. Peace

  16. trubornagain

    dont believe the big lie. you cannot sell your soul, you cannot sell what does not belong to you, the devil would have you believe you can. all souls belong to the living and true GOD, the soul that sinneth, it shall die. (eternal punishment and seperation from the LOVE of GOD) JESUS came that you might have life and to destroy the works of the devil. satan is a created arc angel, not GOD. he is a liar and a murderer from the beginning. JESUS will save you no matter what sin you have done

  17. trubornagain

    satan is a created being, he is not GOD, and is not like GOD. all who worship the devil onto death will be in for a huge shock when they face the living and true GOD who condemns them to hell. he who believes not the SON is condemn already because he believes not in the only begotten son of GOD. there is no party in hell, no fellowship, lucifer does not rule in it. all who are condemn will be tormented for all eternity in the presence of the LAMB and his angels.

  18. trubornagain

    all this conspiracies are not of man, they are just puppets to satan’s agenda to create a world that worships him. he betrayed his own desire when he offered JESUS the kingdoms of the world if JESUS would bow down before him. JESUS told the pharisees “you are of your father the devil” if you are not reborn of the spirit of GOD through JESUS CHRIST, you are in satan’s kingdom whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not. for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of GOD.

  19. SnakeSKSK

    poor guy, they fucking teased him and for what?! a question?! damn. Let it vibrate.

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