Conspiritus Remake 1/10 – (2009) The Illuminati Conspiracy

Xendrius asked:

experienced researchers. The remake is 90% different from the old one so you will not miss out any data. There is no copyright, and no need to give me credit, you can copy these videos in any way you like. ... Conspiritus the Satanic Illuminati Conspiracy jfk bush obama clinton politics pentagram lucifer freemasonry herbert walker pyramid mason evil 9/11 conspiracy new version satan 666 prophecy demon grey reptillian offspring alien invasion possession bohemian grove sr jr iraq america ...


  1. rebeccababich

    Very very professional and ‘good’. I do not make my own but will put this as my main video. I have known of these things for many years but it still makes me nauseated and ill, I had not heard the passengers had been loaded in another plane..dare I ask what became of them? I had heard one concept that was horrifying already. Funny, Glenn and Savage poo poo this stuff…hmm!

  2. MrHawkpictures

    To all those who don’t believe, or think those who do believe are crazy, the only reason you think that is because you have been lead to believe that we are crazy by the media. Who do you think controls the media, and thus 90% of the populations minds.

  3. Xendrius

    Yea I made both the old and the remake, the old one was too extreme so I deleted it, I will put up a torrent for the final cut soon. I will put the link on my channel description.

  4. Xendrius

    ???? Go look it up for yourself, go search “Nasa Tether UFO”, you should atleast try to look it up yourself, remember the implications if the footage is real, shapeshifting caught on tape.

  5. Xendrius

    What are you talking about? About this series not providing evidence for the demon theory? What would be evidence for you? NASA footage showing shapeshifting? Or multiple researchers coming to that conclusion? You got it all, and more, but please, if you need more to get convinced just tell me what would be undeniable evidence for you, want me to ask some of then to show up in your place? Well, good luck in that case.

  6. Xendrius

    There will be no more entertainment, sport, videogames, movies, freedom of travel, freedom of speech, everything will be monitored and restricted, no more private orginasations, and that IF you are lucky to survive the coming food shortage that will sweep the earth – whitch is ofcourse created by them, so in that case, good lunk in the new luciferian order.

  7. FlashBlack

    Watched it and it offers NO proof of demons. Conjecture yes, proof no. Hypotheses yes, proof no. Evidence yes, proof of credibility of evidence or the credibility of the conjurer of the evidence – no.

    Please don’t spread superstition like this, we already have so many.

    Please keep it restricted to facts.

  8. lamiouta69

    The New world order is being deployed subliminaly, they are in no rush, they know they will succeed..unless the nations rise up and do not comply to their global economy and RFID etc… Also, think about it, if the gvt tells you tomorrow we are attacked by ET aliens, chances are that millions will put their trust in the gvt to protect them, not thinking twice that aliens do not exist because when people panic, they can be easily controlled…

  9. lamiouta69

    I was really not buying the demons story up until I watched ‘The Arrivals’, then it opened up my mind and kinda made a lot of sense. You may find it on youtube in small parts or u can download the 4GB movie file on Torrentz. It is 7hrs of viewing but well worth it if you have questions.. Regarding symbolism, it is used as a way to communicate, they dont care if you notice it or not..There is a master plan from the beginning of time, evrything is staged, 9/11, economic crisis, iraq, media etc…


    If all this is true, doesn’t it make you think that if they haven’t gotten the new world order yet, what’s stopping them? I’d like to think god is stopping them.

  11. FlashBlack

    Also, the georgian guidestones ? Why would they explicitly mention some of their evil plans, like culling 80% of the population on a stone that everyone has access to ?

    Doesn’t make sense at all.

    It’s clear they are upto something, but spreading superstitions like – they’re ‘demons’ doesn’t suit us.

    Also, the area 51 caller was clearly crank calling. If they are actually demons, and can move at 4000 miles/second or whatever, there are no such ‘safe’ areas he talks about.

  12. FlashBlack

    LOL and shooting at the things ? And them flying away scared ? If they were not physical, they have no need to fear bullets at fly away that fa

  13. FlashBlack

    That doesn’t seem like reason enough.

    Also, debunking the myth of aliens and creating another myth – demons – without any proof whatsoever – is just stupid.

    Stop spreading the myth. If such demons existed and were under their beck and call, they would easily take over all the opposers and make them speak opposite statements.

    Also, there would be no need for spreading the swine flu virus and/or the dangerous vaccine . Like I said, all this is just sensationalization of the truh.

  14. Midnightryder7

    will this all happen in our time?…I’m 45 now..or will it happen when our kids grow up to be adults?…I know it’s starting..but i just want to know when this NWO is in full force will we see it?

  15. Xendrius

    There will be global gestapo, no rights, no freedom of traveling, no more entertainment, movies, videgames, sports, no private orginasations, and the remaining survivors will have be chipped with an RFID chip, book of revelation says if you take that mark, the smoke of your torment shall be everlasting, so have fun with your new world order. Also, one of their plans that were exposed was to slander information to make a nwo attractive.

    Yet it’s no nwo, its lucifers order.

  16. Midnightryder7

    Really?…I’m glad u are happy about it…New World order means…one goverment…one religieon…one currancy

  17. allester99

    They dont CARE if the poeple know because whatever we do or say there plans WILL continue bro.think about it whatever we do we are still under there control.if you have a job and live this life they control us.Just wait and be patient bro the time will come for the warriors of freedom to strike

  18. jaimes0555

    So do the presidents whom we choose to take lead aren’t doing their real job because THEY are being controlled?

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