1. TheKayhop

    @kthomps654 do you want to help people get well or do you want to be a doctor? two very different goals.

  2. TonyFirelli

    @buzzclick500 Well my nickname does sound Italian, but Tony is what I found equivalent to my Russian nickname in English and “Firelli” is what I miss read apparently it was Pirelli, but I thought it was Firelli meaning Ferrari in French. That’s the story :D

  3. buzzclick500

    @suckmydick1138 : Nothing wrong with that; I have simply always had good experiences with the ones I’ve encountered.

  4. MichaelXboxEvolved

    HEY! Don’t you dare talk about refund checks! Best thing that ever happened to college students V_V

  5. Elevationary

    @davedudeit I have been reviewing the culture going back 60 years,and i can tell you,tehy have become much much selfish,there is no end to it,

  6. davedudeit

    @Elevationary right your correct saying there should not me a large segregation between the rich and old.
    and yes if your parents are rich really its wrong for them not to spend alot on your education and alot on toys but its up to government regulators and local governments to make sure schools cannot be bribed.
    so i think your point of bringing her up is not correct in the first place we need to look at culture as a whole rather than sectors or people.

  7. NGAT9

    wow this is the biggest load of crap ive ever seen! u bitter u didn’t get into college or something?

  8. Elevationary

    @davedudeit You can say that,and you would be right,but there are alot of 14 years olds who would love to be in her position,its the careless culture that the society is creating,i am talking about a careless culture,that sees itself above poor people,not because they are educated,but because they are rich,and those are the people who make it,only because they have the money,this is how the young generation will ruin the next generation,The cost of education constantly go up and up.

  9. babeeshopiez123

    @suckmydick1138 i know that already. school doesnt teach me jack so i come home and watch videos, buy books (that actually teach you) and read online. i can tell you for a fact the reason why i passed physics class with an A* is because i learned from watching videos on youtube.

  10. DrAndrology

    @kthomps654 Haha exactly. And I’ll become a medical scientist and conduct extensive cardiovascular disease research from reading a couple of books at home by myself without guidance, a supervisor or 30+ hours a week of dedicated (and intermittently supervised) study. I’d be better off if I never went to school! Hilarious

  11. TetsuoYagami

    The beginning bit of this piece cracks me the fuck up. LOL.

    The schools aren’t going to teach you shit. In this tragic era, you gotta be able to think. But, the Illuminati doesn’t want you to think. That’s why they dumb down the entertainment industry and subtract the actual education from the schools to subsitute politics. Shit’s fucking scary and it’s only going to get scarier. No more 2000-nothin’. We’re looking at motherfucking post-apocalyptic 199X wasteland, Hokuto no Ken style.

  12. thieflord555

    14,520 people are mad that their liberal arts degree isn’t guaranteeing them a 6 figure salary

  13. DrAndrology

    14,514 people wish they had worked harder in their degree.

    I agree, the world is better educated now and a degree is useless unless you’re working your way to the front of the pack. Don’t be upset when you make nothing of your own education, it’s your fault.

  14. kthomps654

    so don’t go to college and get your dream job? might I ask how? sure I’ll go into medicine without getting my degree, let’s see how that works out

  15. GnomerMovies

    I agree for the most part colleges are over priced and over rated to a point BUT you do need trade skills to be able to perform a job. You can’t walk into a doctors office and try to get a job there with no schooling and mcdonalds on your resume. If you want a nice career, you need knowledge and at least something to prove you know what you claim to know.

  16. Estexan07

    18:00+ I realize buying/renting a plush apartment is not the purpose of a student loan, but from what I’ve seen: A students total “Financial Need” also factors in living expenses… This is usually where the difference check goes (money left over after tuition)… Am I missing something?

  17. yoshilicker

    soo i dont have time to spend an hour watching this, but so what do these people want the colleges, and the goverment to do then? they kept on bitching about it?

    answer plz i want to kno, (if they did answer sorry, i didnt watch all of it)

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