Chemtrails to De-Populate

iwijkasif asked:

Please find and Watch 2 Most important documentary movies "The World According to Monsanto" and "Food Inc". Youtube keeps deleting them due to corporate pressure. Watch these videos and learn how Governments are killing us through food. Good Luck!!!


  1. Keda VM

    Ok all you weak ones it’s time to go. Now is the test to see who is the smart’s and the strongest in health wise..Now let’s see who live’s..

  2. Skybird2307

    Not too sure where you live in UK bro but I live near an airport in UK and I watch aircraft turn their ‘con’ trails on and off! These trails last for an hour as they dissipate… we in UK are certainly chem trailed!

  3. Leemcmullen3

    I live in ireland and see a lot if chemtrails every day.
    I joined a social media site a few months ago and tried to add weather modification and geo engineering as two of my interests and they kept getting deleted??
    I was allowed to put chemtrails though?


    thank you for telling us that. people here in the US need to see from others in the world it isnt normal.

  5. jan fmotl

    when is the last time you looked up?? i live in norwich not a day goes by that i dont see them!!!

  6. sk8oarder35

    I suppose we’re lucky we don’t have anything other than normal contrails in the UK; they dissipate in 3-4 minutes and you can watch them go.

  7. SM0SHFAN69

    Obama is trying to put a chip in everyone of us (pg 1002-1005 of obamacare Bill) if you do not have the chip implanted in your body you will be refused medical aid. These chips have gps tracking capabilities so the government is going to use these chemtrails to get everybody sick and force them to either get the chip or die .az

  8. KillBaddBugz

    The creeps were at it again in my town today. We saw them spray the first ones at sunrise when we left town. This evening coming home those original trails were still there, spread out, and all but blocking the beautiful sunset. There in the sky you could see of the chronological evidence of different variants of “spread”, where they continued this crap all day long!! What the heck can be done about this?? I’m so sick of it, it infuriates me to no end, they just do as they please!!

  9. runlevel0

    Well, they don’t seem to be very effective in the depopulating business, with 7 Billion people on the globe.

  10. LadyKathryn Sarver

    I think my daughter and I have seen them. We were walking in a parking lot in central Texas, and she looked up and the “trail” was leaving a “shadow”.
    Is this a “chemtrail”? We took a pic, you can barely see the shadows

  11. Seleucus Lovis

    I saw Chem Trails over my house, many crossed over each other at the same low altitude, and decided to look into this to hopefully discover the truth!

  12. kevkev44

    what do you mean? I’m sorry im having trouble understanding what you mean (not joking)

  13. mark32811

    There is a group of families which most taxes get funneled to. They own the central banks. They own of the governments. They control western religion. They spray us with chemicals. They poison water supplies. They are the Antichrist.

  14. paul grasso

    i agree ..we are fucked/….by our own corrupt gov’t….to reduce global population

  15. 1badsharpshooter

    Yup, Our government is up to no good! They are experiment something on us which they don’t want us to know. They are the real terrorist!

  16. polyrhythms7

    Illness is big money folks. They count on us living with our heads in the sand or walking around like sheep…easily lead. Look at all the new drugs for every ailment possible. If it doesn’t strike you as odd then I suppose ignorance is bliss.

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