Chemtrails HAARP Proof New World Order takeover 2012 revolution in the middle east

MrChrisfranko asked:

A few friends and I were riding down the road, and we noticed all of these chemtrails above us. What are these chemtrails and why are they in the air. They lingered for a few hours before dissipating. Are chemtrails used in tandem with HAARP to cause unrest in Libya and Egypt? If so why? Oil? Will this help lead to 2012? More info about chemtrails (modified contrails) Check out my blog.


  1. MrSammy1776

    It is not contrail’s fool, they are chem trails,geoengineering,they are used to smash our immune systems do we get more illness & disease.
    Contrails dissipate very quickly and do not last long .

  2. MrDixienormis

    That contrail jet wash thats all.Now the thing makeing it is FFP (Fake Fake Plane) The aliens come here from 500 billion light years away to mimic our primitive flying toys so now we mimic them mimicing us I realize this sounds crazzy but its true I have the videos to prove it.Of course the videos are out of focus and allways pointed in such a way that the sunlight is reflecting off of them just right but just believe me its real because I say it looks real LOL YOU TOOLS!!!!!

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