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ROYAL DEVON AND EXETER HOSPITAL CHEMTRAIL SUBLIMINALS ARE NOW BEING USED WITHIN OUR HOSPITALS. THESE PHOTOS WERE TAKEN EARLIER THIS YEAR. ON THE REAR OF THE CURTAIN WAS THE MANUFACTURES NAME AND CONTACT DETAILS, SO OUT OF CURIOSITY I DECIDED TO MAKE ENQUIRYS WITH THE COMPANY CONCERNED AS TO WHY AN AIRCRAFT INC VAPOUR TRAIL WAS FEARTURED IN THIS PARTICULAR DESIGN? WHEN I CONTACTED THE COMPANY THEY ADVISED ME THAT IT WAS A BESPOKE DESIGN WITH INPUT FROM THE HOSPITAL. THEY ALSO INFORMED ME THAT THE PERSON WHO WORKED ON THE DESIGN IS NO LONGER WITH THE COMPANY..... PLEASE SEE BELOW THE COPY AND PASTED EMAILS I SENT TO THE MANUFACTURES AND THEIR REPLYS - MINUS NAMES ETC Dear Sir/Madam, I dont know if you can help but I am trying to find out a little information about one of your Designs. This design in question is one I saw on curtains at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, please see the attached photos. Would it be possible for you to advise me as to who the individual designer is for this particular work is, and if the design was his/her own work or was the design created upon request by the Hospital? Kind regards Hi Thank you for your e-mail. I am the Account Manager who looks after the Devon area. The curtains and design in question at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital is a bespoke design that was created by our in-house design team along with input from the Hospital. It is designed as a showcase for the local area and it's attractions. We have many capabilities in ...


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