Can it rain oil?

Singledad03 asked:

Let's find out.


  1. Orla Froesnapper

    Only the lightest parts of the crude will evaporate – the parts with the highest vapor pressure. In order for it to condense to rain the air needs to be saturated with the stuff. I my opinion that is simply impossible. And even if it did it would not show up as the “brawny sticky stuff” mentioned in another youtube video. Either that video is a hoax or if that stuff really came down from above, somebody sprayed from an airplane.

  2. IDontDrinkKool-Aid

    How can I use your “non-scientific” methodology to make a “Can it rain frogs?” video?

  3. JimboVids

    CRAP! I was hoping to see the results in this video. But… let’s remember that a lot of the oil in the gulf has been diluded with chemicals. Good expiriment, though.

  4. fal2grace

    hey, this is a great idea… you’re right; everyone wants to know if oily rain is possible and nobody seems to have the answer… yet. Will check back tomorrow.

  5. Singledad03

    @MisFittz I could go out and squirt some dish soap in with it. I think that is the common name of corexit.

  6. Singledad03

    @MaKaElectric Try to stick to the topic. But since you asked, you’re the liar, remember when I proved it in the video. The video YOU told me to post and prove you’re a liar. The video you keep flagging down as harassment so you can hide your shame. Quit flagging it coward, you asked me to repost it.

  7. MaKaElectric

    Oh I thought your cam was broke? LOL Well I guess now that somehow its magicly fixed you can stop being a little coward and maybe get on cam and talk to me? We’ll see huh? LOL “My cam is broke” Yeah who’s the LIAR NOW?

  8. MisFittz

    Looks good to me.
    I’m wondering how the “dispersant”,corexit(spelling?) behaves but I’m sure it’s all under control.

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