BUSTED – The Illuminati Hollywood Deception

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BUSTED - The Illuminati Hollywood Deception. Intro by RavenProDesign.


  1. Mark Condren

    very powerful should be in the tv net work to show the people who think life is just fine. great video.

  2. elijafoo

    Good video! Probably one of the more succinct messages I’ve seen yet, I hope more people wake up.

  3. JohnChenGoogling .

    Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul. ( Marilyn Monroe)

  4. TheLlGHT1

    Very powerful video! People need to know the truth!
    John 8:32 “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”

  5. Nick Hansen

    I do allot of posting on Zionist net works and get censored. So I stared looking up the people doing the censoring and what I found will blow your mind. MRI world wide, Korn Ferry, Heldrick & Struggles, Egon Stuart, TMP World wide are not just data companies, but also Executive placement industries. Meaning these a-holes scan the net for those they want to put in high places and censor the rest. They are doing the same thing they did with the trilateral commission on a massive level. HELP

  6. Yoda Star

    Very nice brother. Another video that’s off the charts =) Southern pole of Saturn looks like the All Seeing Eye. I have a video showing it. Rise of Saturn.

  7. Kadina E

    The feeling of seeing newsfeed with yours in it, you know you about to watching an eye opening video, thats Glories Christ. Be blessed!!!! Wish more verse though.

  8. War Machine

    please remember people pyramid hand signs and all the other signs they flash on tv. they will lie to you about what they mean because you are not of their secret elite power structure so it is a duty and an obligation to deceive you on what the true purpose of what these hand gestures really are.its not about zay z clothing line that’s false its way more sinister.

  9. Elizabeth M

    really great video .. beautiful imagery in the beginning too .. lots of great info .. took me 3 or 4 times to watch it full out because the last two weeks utube has been slow in getting videos to play all the way through …. really good video.

  10. countessarcadius

    In the UN’s book THE EXTERNALIZATION OF THE HEIRARCHY, it states in the chapter called STEPS TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER, and New World Religion, that there must be a GLOBAL CRISIS, then a slow steady disarming of the nations,the UN is their Trojan Horse, who’s ENTIRE agenda is the NWO, the spiritual literature of the UN reveals ALL, it’s mind boggling to me how nobody really cares, when in fact, the UN is going to be a spiritual planetary godhead in the NWO,

  11. countessarcadius

    the ROCKEFELLER SIGN? doesn’t J-z have his clothes line called that? but for her to say Rockefeller? I was flipping through the channels one day, stopped on HBO, had this program on about Beyoncé, SHE WAS IN A HOSPITAL BED, ready to give birth to her child MAKING THAT TRIANGLE HAND SIGN!! laying there in the bed!!! they lie and deceive so badly! the UN’s literature outright admits THEIR CHRIST,maitreya, avatar, is NOT Jesus,they make me sick the way she acts like she believes in God,

  12. IrishWordSmith

    who thinks obama the anti christ ?

    good vid man!….serious feel to it..time is running out!.

    God Bless,
    Praise Jesus.

  13. countessarcadius

    look at what they threw on the screen during the baseball game, THEY ARE GETTING VERY CLOSE TO NOT CARING ANYMORE, even in the occult literature, their monthly news letters etc, ARE EXPOSING ALL!! check this out

  14. MrNutts1973

    Nice one,u have great production creation! Have a look on YouTube Satan lives in your pocket. By hoodwinked by an angel Michael Fazio! Everything on the dollar bill corresponds to the bible,our society is all a big lie! Thanks for your vids

  15. 2dogarage

    awesome video, I think I have to say it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen on the subject, please keep it up and many thanks.

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