Blavatsky’s “Boy” Jordan Maxwell AKA Chris White’s “Bro”, [BOTH initiates] claim his god is LUCIFER.

QueenyCameron2 asked:

Control factor: Thank you: Scenes from the 2003 film "Control Factor", Universal Studios. Plot deals with mind control, behavior modification, and psychotropic warfare Synthetic telepathy Synthetic Telepathy - The ESP Of Espionage It is suspected that sections of the US military and security agencies have been using synthetic telepathy against 'internal subversives' for at least a ... US MILITARY INTEREST IN SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY An article in New Scientist has described how Japanese scientists are beginning to read P300 brainwaves electronically, with a view to developing computers to scan the brain for verbal content. At present, this research has been able to match up only a handful of words that pass through the subject's brain. Ghosts inside of you Is There a Demon Inside Me? | True Ghost Tales 90 posts - 44 authors - Last post: Oct 20, 2009 The scariest part of this thing being inside me is that every now ...... Anways, you said the demon had a sword. Can you describe the sword? ... Transmit messages into the brain Nervous System Information The CNS processes the signal, and transmits a message back to an effector ... rods and cones travels via the optic nerve into the brain for interpretation GWEN towers Earth is wrapped in a magnetic field, The Ionosphere that consists of a layer of electrically charged particles. Natural waves are created which result from electrical ...


  1. QueenyCameron2

    @orbitingwebstar Well, how bout if you calculate R and P Marc?.. Lol!! O, and I DEFINITELY believe you… Jordanus Maximus Giganticus Assimus.. Lol!

  2. orbitingwebstar

    He might as well say He choose Jordan Maxwell Because J is the 10th letter alphabet. Which is 3 above G=7 and M=13 6 above G
    Wow How did I know that? But I believe he hijacked it from Bla-blastface.

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