Bill Clinton Exposed: His Life pt. 5/12

ALPHAandOMEGA44 asked:

A documentary about organized criminal behavior within the Clinton dynasty. Suppressed of course by the left wing media. Additional information:


  1. armenius28

    Funny thing about this…..even with all this info….nobody will make any charges against clinton.That says enough about his power

  2. Cherilyn Hannen

    if my doctor had been the medical examiner he would have known right away that the deaths of Kevin and Don were no accident that it was murder..Don was stabbed and Kevin had been smashed in the face with the butt of a rifle…awful wasn’t it????…in another video I heard it was cops…geez you can’t trust the cops can you????

  3. Cherilyn Hannen

    that Malak guy is a quack huh???… own doctor would have done a better job than that sob (sorry about the language)….the story about Kevin and Don is fascinating and tragic at the same time huh???..I not trying to be insensitive but I surprised that there hasn’t been a movie made about Kevin and Don when there was one made for HBO about Barry Seal…the late Dennis Hopper played Barry Seal

  4. ALPHAandOMEGA44

    I can’t remember. But I think there was a former secret service who wrote about Clinton. You should find out. All these murders are connected to former President Clinton.

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