Bill Clinton Exposed: His Life pt. 12/12

ALPHAandOMEGA44 asked:

A documentary about organized criminal behavior within the Clinton dynasty. Suppressed of course by the left wing media. Additional information:


  1. klare kerry

    now Clinton & Frank Giustra&co. foundations around the vworld to take oil/gold/minings from poor countries !in name of faked charity!

  2. Joe Price

    July 7, 2012 and it is now Hillary, Obama and Holder in the hot seat for Fast and Furious gun running and possible drug smuggling. Why would America think any different, this time around ? Hillary learned all she can possibly learn from Bill Clinton who is right at the top of the list of Government corruption. All will be over soon for Hillary, Holder and entire Obama administration. America has had enough !

  3. Jizmo Jimmy

    See what your congress members knew, but did nothing about it. They should have thrown him out, but they did not. They are all losers raping Sheepish Americans.

  4. greg357159

    Super job ! Just needs more public showings to remind Americans what scoundrels Bill and Hillary ARE .. Now Hillary Rotten Clinton continues the legacy of thuggery with the new Zar of Drugs Obama.

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