Bill Clinton Exposed: His Life pt. 1/12

ALPHAandOMEGA44 asked:

A documentary about organized criminal behavior within the Clinton dynasty. Suppressed of course by the left wing media. Additional information:


  1. runxxeroxx

    What I said is terrible, but what Clinton’s did, not just to the people but to entire nations, that is pure evil of global proportions

  2. runxxeroxx

    If I were a father or a cousin of the two dead boys, I will all my life devoted to how to kill them because their justice (court) will not make it .. it sounds awful … but to kill their daughters, let them to feel the pain you have felt all those whose family members were killed by Clinton’s because them was killed people which had enough courage and wanted to testify about atrocities and criminal activities of a married couple Clinton.

  3. runxxeroxx

    Yes, but US still have big problem that man and his wife Hillary like Secretary of S.D is just equal powerful like before…i just can understand why somebody (especially the families of people which was killed, not just collect money and hire the most expensive HIT MAN to kill this beautiful couple who ordered the murder of fathers, a wife’s …. and even the two boys whom finish they life’s on the rail in Little Rock..

  4. manoman0

    The world is run by murderers, thiefs, thugs, criminals. The constant fight is to keep some freedom some time in some places.

  5. sanmcc55

    we will see where all that money get’s the Clintons…. on check out day…..I honestly feel sorry for them the moment they realize that it was all in vain. Greediness is a never ending vice…tell me Bill…once you have a billion under your belt…why on earth would you need another….sleep well knowing 40% of world’s population lives on less than two dollars a day

  6. richiefranklin76

    “Suppressed of course by the left wing media.”

    You were doing so well untill this part.Do you REALLY still believe in this bullshit partisan garbage the elites are playing americans against each other with?

  7. Naveenkumar Rajivelu

    Folks this is how modern politics works.Bill and Hillary have mastered the politics.

  8. Jamis Ross

    This stuff really is true this is not the first or second time ive heard of his venality, i remember years ago information being uncovered about his mischeif.

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