Archetypes Of Mind Control [1/4]

ShaktipatSeer asked:

Mind control is a very subtle thing.. but when you can see it you are free from it..


  1. ShaktipatSeer

    That is my personal purpose, as far as my purpose right now I am every day striving to bring this awakening to a slumbering world as most people are training to do on youtube

  2. ShaktipatSeer

    The goal is to elimanate the idea of yourself as an identity separate from God and realize that God expresses himself as you. Also, there is a specific blueprint (Tree of Life) that each Creation follows, and so by navigating the paths on the Tree of Life we invoke the corresponding energy through the Chakra points, creating an Interdimensional Body of Pure Light so when we die we Ascend into Eternal Life without being re-incarnated and losing our memory of who we are ever again.

  3. fueldbybeans

    I ask you! what is your goal? tell me what is your goal? if you really can see tell me what is your purpose!/

  4. ShaktipatSeer

    As I mentioned, Enlightenment is merely about seeing who you are and remembering that in each moment, that is the only Enlightenment that exists

  5. sleepingeye

    Well I used to care about attaining enlightenment some time ago, nowadays i’ve kinda put it aside, because it doesn’t really matter anymore to me. So I’m living my life anyway, enlightened or not, does it matter in the end? Does it matter now?

    I feel like “something” concealed behind thousands of doors, the doors of my mind. The doors don’t matter, they’re just the clothing of my soul, dead in themselves.

    What matters, is that, which can’t be pointed to, because it is that, which points.

  6. ShaktipatSeer

    The very first thought was “I”… followed by “I AM”.. followed by.. “I AM THAT I AM”.. at the core of all matter, the absolute ultimate level of matter is the SELF.. called in Qabalah “The Concealed One”… in truth the realization your having is a very high level of realization.. if you can continually be aware of your true self and the pure nature of emptiness you will have Enlightenment and your crown chakra will burst to life

  7. sleepingeye

    i had one experiment with myself one day, where i was driving my car, talking to myself (i know it sounds crazy)
    i asked myself various questions about my life and after a while of self dialoguing myself i came to one final statement which is: “I AM”. All the time i was questioning about what makes sense and what the world is about, and the final statement i came to was “I AM”. And as i repeated it, the meaning of the words became arbitrary, but the meaning “behind” the words became clear.

  8. onenesstribe

    Hey dude. Some nice thoughts here. Surprised there’s no comments yet, so I’ll leave my own. People will get to the point of freedom from these labels. For myself, I have the same thoughts all the time. The point I am trying to get to is freedom from the victimhood mentality. Something outside of myself creating the consciousness of victim is not reality. Check ya later. PEACE! ~rick

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