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lordgracie asked:

The real truth of the secret ancient rituals used bye the world leaders. 100% real conspiracy facts! Beware, the truth hurts! If you watch this video, then you will find out the truth behind the red pill. These are "all new facts" researched and released in 2009. The video is free to share for educational purposes only. All logos, and pictures are copyrighted by their owners. Free to all to view and learn the truth.


  1. chenj001

    @Rev1vedR0manEmp1re A person who claims they are Christian and doesn’t care about human suffering is not a true Christian by definition.

  2. lordgracie

    @brasoda I hope your not talking to me, because I know all about it, from fractional reserve banking to the Rothschilds. Congress should be printing the money, not private people. What did it cost them to give us 10 trillion? Not 10 trillion, just pennies, the cost of paper production. Why couldn’t we own the Fed, it’s our money, our debt. Take money from our kids at school, but spend trillions to kill in wars.

  3. Rev1vedR0manEmp1re

    We have needed to overthrow them all out for years and years.
    Hopefully they will bankrupt the country and we’ll all suffer.
    you have to dip into rothschild money and the rich Christians until they care about human suffering

  4. Rev1vedR0manEmp1re

    People say i’m dumb and i could address the entire world and read at a college level at age 12 i think.
    the government hires very dumb people to run the show

    i work with them and they act very foolish
    staring at me while i eat lunch, reading my email, ON YOUR TAX DOLLAR
    the top rank are psychopathic evil men

    they are gay and have turned feminism onto us to kill men because the core illuminati are queers

    a new hitler like figure will come and take over, many of them will suffer

  5. Rev1vedR0manEmp1re

    if it isn’t the truth, it’s a startlingly accurate allegory.
    My model of the world is the leaders are totally incomptent idiots.
    This witchcraft stuff makes them seem sinister.
    They hire people who are idiots and have tapped my phone and internet and spend alot of time reading back excerpts of my phone calls to me

    i see no point in this, as i remember stuff i say, although once they used something i said when i was drunk

    they hire hookers and crackheads to spy on everyone

  6. Rev1vedR0manEmp1re

    as someone who used to be into witch craft i have to say bohemian grove is totally gay.

    the worst aspect, other than that rich people are closet queers who pass legislation to hurt other queers, frolick around with paid man whores and smoke drugs while pretending to be in rebellion

    is that goofy mock owl

    no doubt they’d crash an airplane into the towers, they’d do anything

    almost every employee of the united states is a hellbound sinner

    no one with any morals could stay

  7. 1gooddevil

    This is pure bullshit made by the zionist masonic order of the 33° (ZionAngloClan)
    The real Satana is about Sex, no death mutilation of innocent or other types of barbaric blood ritual.
    This video is made to scare people in to submission under this bunch of bullshit and scary voices.
    If you are interested in the real devil google BOCK SAGA.
    This video is crap and you and your zionfreemasons terrorist can fuck of and die .
    I will to will the will.
    Bal Boken.
    Stop spamming my channel

  8. xxeatass

    seriously though its obviously our government system has failed us so lets revolt, ultimately, I’m an atheist so i could care less about who the fuck the government worships. All your asses have 2 relax and youtube is fun and free so I comment on w.e because I had fun watching this video. Keep making more videos so I can laugh and comment.

  9. funkytomo77

    Hmm – @xxeatass – You say you have a PHD from Yale university? Well your spelling , grammar and punctuation is rather poor for a graduate. Maybe you should look at that before using your supposed “intelligence” as an argument against the poster of these vids?

  10. xxeatass

    LMAOOO, dog the world is flat, im in Illuminati =) u waste your time in stupid shit, and plus who cares if you have a Black Belt in BJJ ill whip ur ass with Sambo easy as that Punk bitch, o ya FYI i have a P.H.D @ Yale, and What your talking is crazy speculation, all it is mindless rambles, and your theory in number usuage of illuminati involves almost every number from 1-10 so what numbers aren’t apart of Illuminati ? Jackass! whens the last time you checked for Scitzophrenia LMAO

  11. bonaventuraaa

    I know this all, but all people need to know this, good post, keep spreading truth, The satanic illuminati must be eliminated.

  12. funkytomo77

    I agree – people need to educate themselves on these issues. Our goverments are run by evil , corrupt, greedy , satan worshippers. Too many people blindly do as “Authority ” tells them.

    Spread the truth !!

    Subscribed XXX

  13. lordgracie

    Everyone needs to watch this video! Just a small sample of facts, so scary, so real…you might not want to learn the truth!
    “The Truth Hurts”
    “Evil Must Die”
    Please share!

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