2013 What is the Illuminati? Skeptics see this – Amazing 48 minutes of Information

Xendrius asked:

I have spent hundreds of hours researching the Illuminati conspiracy and many hours putting together all these vids, IF YOU CARE ABOUT THIS INFORMATION GETTI...


  1. Nicole Mason

    I’m not saying that all the proof stated in this video is false, but the main reason so many people believe in theories like this is because of natural human guilt. One of the things the people promoting these theories always tell you is that you’re blind, and that entertainment like TV shows, video games and and music is making you blind. Because being entertained is often associated with laziness, our guilt makes us believe it. And that’s not a very healthy way to be convinced of something.

  2. chupacabbra

    04:19 your children will be considered like animals…well believe it or not but we are actually animals. Kingdom:Animalia

  3. sludgefingers

    “Stop trying to sound smart” – ffs are you 12, or just yet another weirdo? Any reasonable person with half a brain can see that the existence of organisations like the so-called ‘Illuminati’ (what a fucking dumb name), let alone keeping them secret, would be impossible. And trying to pretend that that’s just another point of view is moronic. Stick to watching your boogerman vids and stop trying to argue with adults, you’re not up to it. “All of it has happened” – jesus fucking wept.

  4. YNWA0725

    Remember knowledge is power and it is better to know then not to know in my opinion. In the make the most of life while you can cause you’ll never know what’s around the corner people!!!

  5. YNWA0725

    Denial is best way to hide your fear of things you understand or what to believe , because u know the truth will shatter your world and your future plans. Who knows if there is any truth to the illuminati, but one things for sure it makes a lot of sense the things u read and hear bout. But at the end everyone’s entitled to an opinion. I mean masses won’t want to believe cause that’s the end of their happy hour drinking at their favourite bar or spending sprees at the shopping mall.

  6. x420xnick

    Stop trying to sound smart, you’re not. Who are you to judge and disrespect people just because they might have a different view point? Who the hell are you to think that everything YOU believe in, is 100 percent accurate? This was made in 1993, 20 years later and all of it has either happened, or is happening. You should do yourself a favor and actually research about the topics before you just shoot off at the mouth. It’s also IRRELEVANT who these people are, or what their jobs are.

  7. TheArtisanRBenjamin

    Yeah…because Luciferians don’t actually exist or anything…SMH

    Foolish and Naive

  8. mallitangella

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  9. TheArtisanRBenjamin

    really…don’t underestimate the very people who are in control….seems something is working to there favor…because this world IS Lucifer’s sandbox

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  11. BillyMcGonageull

    All you need to tell this is bogus and pure idiocy is that they actually believe in satan.

  12. David Webb

    The “Illuminati” or whoever they are can try to kill me. But this I can promise them. My ghost will haunt them forever!
    And forever is such a long time for a life of paranoia and absolute fear….

  13. pager693

    But above all, my brothers, do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or by any other oath, but let your “yes” be yes and your “no” be no, so that you may not fall under condemnation. – James 5:12.
    Ohhhhhhhh, you’re in trouble.

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