2012 – We’re all going to die

WhatYouOughtToKnow asked:

Don't be alarmed, but we're all going to die. [update] For the record. Yes some of this is possible. (Solar storm, meteor, yellow stone.) But none of it is probable. 2012 will come and go like Y2K. This piece was meant to poke fun at the 2012 hysteria but apparently some youtubers are too panicky to recognize satire. Come one guys. "People in a can?", "The longer you live the sooner you'll go?" We thought it was obvious. It has been fun to read the comments however.


  1. 2winitall

    @charizard1357911 People do live in different time zones, so using time of day for world events is not realistic. The time it happens depends on which ever time zone you are on the world. They use this “New Year” thing on the midnight of every time zone, which is bullshit, because the whole world itself returns to the spot in it’s orbit, so the WHOLE WORLD enters New Years at the exact same time. So, human time calculations are inaccurate. No more trusting that!

  2. 2winitall

    @bezorr EXACTLY!!!!!! THANK YOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! People’s attention is drawn more easily by the VIDEO because it’s the thing everyone looks for on YouTube, and the message is almost completely hidden underneath; you have to open it to see it well; it’s like only the first fucking line is visible when the page is opened. At least this guy finally wised up and put a message on the VIDEO saying “Please read the description,” but apparently, people still look at the video…

  3. 2winitall

    @DubsWest People say it is going to be December 21, 2012 when we “fucking die”. But so many people say the world’s going to end other times, so don’t take their word for it; I recommend you party before May 2012!

  4. 2winitall

    @NewRecoidac You have typed “Fuck you because we don’t want the world to end” 13 times, but insert fucking spaces between each word so people can read what the fuck you’re saying!

  5. nicktully1999

    its not the mayan calneder tht eds even tho it dose but every 11 years the sun puts out radeation tht will wipe out sadalites but not all of them

  6. nicktully1999

    look guys where not going to its the mayan calander that ends they ive reserched this for 3 years and if it dose its not going to end the earth its just a long cycle and this is the last 1 but then the five starts over

  7. 2winitall

    @Incalite I thought so too because I read the video message, but then at the end of the message it said “Come on, guys. ‘People in a can?’ ‘The longer you live, the sooner you’ll go?’ We thought it was OBVIOUS.” Besides, he showed no evidence in the video that he was sarcastic about it, so I thought twice about it. I do think this video is funny as well as this guy, I just personally don’t support this 2012 theory. What does “lolicaust” mean anyway, was that an insult or something?

  8. Incalite

    @Incalite: the black hole at the center of the Milky Way is currently dormant (no gas it can suck up around it (look up supermassive black holes.wmv on Google Video)) and literally has no tangible gravitational influence on Earth (and us aligning with it won’t affect that but slightly), and finally — solar flare blackouts are possible, if not inevitable. However, modern technology can protect technology from such harmful waves — we just need to update our infrastructure beforehand, duh. lol

  9. Incalite

    On the plus side, seismologists don’t think Yellowstone will erupt for another couple hundred years, the Sun does what it’ll likely do in 2012 every 12 years (Y2K…), the largest asteroid which has any chance of hitting us within the next 30 years is one about the size of inner-city New York City will hit in 2029 (this has some .2% chance of happening), magnetic fields shift every couple thousand years (we haven’t ever noticed any carbon changes in the earth because of it), and…

  10. 2winitall

    You are a funny guy, but this 2012 theory is already confirmed as bullshit. Even the Mayans THEMSELVES said NOTHING is going to happen–People misinterpreted their calendar and writings BIG TIME!!! They just ran out of room, and they even continued on another of their calendars! I only look at when the sun turns to a red giant about 5 billion years later for the “end”. I don’t understand why you’re suddenly backing up a retarded-ass theory while you’re speaking with sense in your other videos!

  11. That1kidMaines

    Man 2012 hoax makes me laugh, th only reason the Mayan calender stops is because they ran out of stone hahahahaha thats just a jojke i made up but seriously Y2K+2012= Just some reason for assholes to make us panic over nothing

  12. JennelleBelle

    ah if it happens, it happens.
    we’ll be wiped out so fast we wont even know it.
    as far as just the electricity going out….im sure theyll fix it sooner or later…i myself would mind living like they did back in the age of innocence.

  13. BrutalTechniques

    Tbh, this is just 1 of the many propeganda video’s to ease mankind of things to come.

    Go to google sky, and search the orion belt and if you find the right spot you will see that the government removed a part in the universe, why? Cause Nibiru is coming.

    Dont know what Nibiru is?

    Google it ;)

  14. jonathan305miami

    okay…. look people yes maybe the world is gana end look how it is now look at the people around u look how many earth quake look remember Haiti and Chile and Howie and other places 2 u now what could be next Chile…. we had all does earthquake in just one moth back in fab. all i could say is 2 be really good in life be cuz if u don’t u will go to hell Remember life is a test 2 see how good ur in ur life be good and u will be in heaven be bad and u all ready no whats going to happen

  15. Centurian73

    lol ya pessimist ;) its the end of pises an the beggining of aqurius…bye bye fish…hello water bearer…no wonder why people are walkin around panicking with fear mongers spreading bs just because the govenment tell you…ROFL…hehehe.

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