2012 prophecy

DanielODoria asked:

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  1. ashesoneeight

    Good video…we are all in harmonic resonance with earth…Living on this 3rd dimensional earth realm has blinded us from the truth of existence. Materialistic mentality is what is hurting us the most..It is up to our selves as individuals to break free from this3rd dimensional matrix by altering our consciousness.

  2. cdbfort

    every concept, ideology, theology, dimension, thought paradigm, all go in portions, however small, towards fitting the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, currenlty known to us as life……..our minds are the greatest asset we have to understanding more of the possibilties of freedom and truth, we just need to break free from the current mind monopolies holding us in fear……

  3. keshawn888


    Thank you : ) I know I’m not alone but you like said, people fear ridicule. Some will try to label us as crazy or mentally ill because they just don’t have the slightest clue while others are very limited in their worldy views and religious concepts, that anything outside of what they know is considered taboo or “the devil”, smh

    Thats why I appreciate Daniel’s work and many others like him. The more we “come out the closet”, share our stories and support each other, the better!

  4. MrNibiru10

    Alert !!! November 24th 2011 another alignment with a comet , an earthquake is possible tomorrow for thanksgiving, let’s pray for all tomorrow for our thanksgiving holiday, and another odd site from the illuminati dark screen website they have which carries a count down within 13 days left, which ends on December 6th 2011. something is going on. Make Viral.

  5. RndmMexican

    Dubya Dubya Dubya (DOT) dhamma (DOT) ORG
    Close broken links and BAM!!!


    @keshawn888 You are not alone. If people would take time every day to look within they would begin to understand many things. Their eyes would begin to open. An energy (consciousness) is what we are at our core (our soul) IMO. Some of the orbs IMO are a collective of souls that have the same vibrational frequency. I think some of them help us in ways that we are unaware of. I believe that there are many people that experience these things and are afraid to tell others for fear of ridicule.

  7. keshawn888

    From another place(not of this world)? – YES!!! I have always said this about me since I was a child based upon the experiences I had(mosly spiritual like coming out of my body and floating, walking around in other worlds) and what I saw what my own 2 eyes like UFOS and spirit orbs from the time I was young up till now. The average person wouldn’t understand though. Thats why I keep it to myself and I don’t smoke, I don’t drink and do not take any medications!!

    Thanks again for sharing Daniel

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