2012 Nibiru RFID Chip 2009 New New World Order Info Please Watch

2012Returns asked:

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  1. djheatM5

    the mark of the beast is basically keeping the sunday instead of saturday as the God’s day of worship &rest, I didn’t believe it but it’s in the Bible..the pope under the cover of NWO is misleading the people to think that it’s a simple chipXD

  2. MrCliff7144

    @micherrera let me tell you one thing. you will not stop sinning if you are enjoying it and loving the sin. but if you are willing to be changed and leave sin completely, Jesus will transform you through the holy spirit. you have to will obedience. and another thing, dont wish to die if you are not right with GOD or you may end up in hell.

  3. mooremichael95

    The United States Government can take these chips, shove them up their mothers asses and track their bowl movements every time they take a shit.

  4. diptdipt

    In all this game, the devil is the victim, is the scapegoat, will be acused of everything cause the GOD don’t want any rivals. Conclusion: live at the full in the freedom of GOD (praying in a right form,following the INSTRUCTIONS in the Bible – keeping the 10 commandments – including keeping the Saturday as the 7th day etc.) instead of in the incapacity and limited power of devil cause he is just a temporary puppet. Jesus Christ is our savior and our hope!

  5. andrepatacchini

    If someone is willing to implant a microchip on you, they wil do without you concentiment, even withouy you knowledge. Like vacinations.

  6. Nikkii199045

    and all this fuckn chips shit is just the same as video taping someone secretly! ILLEGAL!…

  7. Nikkii199045

    lmao omg iff u aint watching ur kids then ur a dumb parent!! dohhh …ehh wtfever an fuck mark 16crap ugh sick of all this b.s

  8. DeadlyShuriken11

    @TheComrad1975 The same thing has happened to me. I stopped going to church because I found judgement and gossip. It’s hard to find a pure church in the end times. Don’t stop believing in Jesus Christ, our lord and savior. He is the way.

  9. TheComrad1975

    i got saved one time he opened my eyes i was able to reconize things. so i went to church because all you want is to please GOD but the people was very judgemental towards me so i stoped going to church but i never stoped believing and i can still see things but not as clear. i want that peace again so bad i dont care about this world i want JESUS CHRIST thats all

  10. Gamerx65

    @JACKATTACKCARROLL No that is not true, It’s after the tribulation the ones who aren’t saved will become saved and when that happens they will have to go through all the terrible shit, the ones who become saved after the tribulation are the left behind.

  11. InfoWarsTV2

    If this makes you uneasy, search: “IBM Holocaust”, then “Aaron Russo Reflections and Warnings”


    @micherrera Born again Christians will not go through the tribulation period the rapture of the church comes first. And those left behind will have to go through the tribulation yes if your still here,you will see the Anti-Christ and don’t receive the mark. you still can be saved during the tribulation period but it will be really hard .You will not be able to buy ,sell, or save unless you receive the mark. AND you may have to die by having you head cut off it’s in the book of revelations.

  13. shkoder123

    This is for dogs,and not for human, this is being like a house arrest, Martha Steward have to use one of the bracelet, what happen to the freedom? This is unconstitutional

  14. artgirlwethepeople

    3:09 “and just around the next high tech corner, an electronic chip like this, that can be implanted under your kid’s skin” a KID is a baby goat, or livestock. a CHILD is what an intellegent, educated, and linguistically correct reporter should say. kinda makes you think, or does it?

  15. tater1700

    @micherrera Read Acts 2:38, this is what will give you assurance! Then find United Pentecostal Ch. I did and I have never been sorry, it’s a loving,teaching,the best preaching church!!

  16. micherrera

    I’m scared. Why is God putting us through this? I do not have assurance I am saved because I can’t stop sinning no matter how many times I ask for forgiveness. I just can’t seem to develop a repentant heart. I wish I could die soon so I don’t have to go through this tribulation period. I will not take the chip implant so I will starve. This sucks.

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