2012 Illuminati Olympic Closing Ceremony Part 2 of 2


Part 1 link = youtu.be Small video to throw around some ideas of the Illuminati's involvement with the London Olympics Closing Ceremony 2012 - Part 2 Please watch both parts of video to get the full understanding of what has went on. This is just my analysis of the London Olympic Games Closing Ceremony. I am aware I may of missed bits but please bare with me. Thanks for watching and like if you like :D


  1. Anonymoussomeonenr1

    You seem to know quite a bit about satanic symbols! When you where talking about the ship it reminded me of a musicvideo. “The Ark – One Of Us Is Gonna Die Young”. The second that comes up. Could you please look it up and tell me your interpretation? There´s a similar mark on the singers hat and the others breasts and look at his lips 0:35-0:41. Then 1:40(!) But esp look at 2:05-2:15, when there´s a whole creapy message(!) in the left upper corner, that I never even noticed until quite recently.

  2. Anonymoussomeonenr1

    2:48: Do you think they mean Satan is going to save us from Gods wreath? What an absurd thing to actually belive, since he is no more than a creation of God! But I do think there are people who want to belive this, because they love to sin.

  3. Anonymoussomeonenr1

    The textline “Living there you´ll be free if you truly wish to be” in Pure imagination.. I think it means living there you´ll be free from Gods commands if you truly wish to be.

  4. chesternimitz777

    MY friends there to much evidence from everywhere from The Olympics Opening Ceremony and the Closing also, by the time the Dark Knight massacre in Colorado, also the Denver Murals the Economic Crisis and the situation in Middle East, and a lot of more information please continue try to do your best, and a lot of people are take a note of the whole information, we will see whats happened in the months or weeks to come.

  5. TheBunnygirl20

    The comic I read was from chick publications. Its been a while since I read any of his work but its very accurate.

  6. TheBunnygirl20

    And then I heard about the baphomet. That’s what really got my attention because I had read about the baphomet several years ago when I was about 12. I had read about it in one of those old Christian comic style pamphlets. It talked about the baphomet being the god of the masons and it explained how lodges were used to trick its initiates into Satan worship. It showed the oath and even had some very accurate history about the organization. Just hearing about baphomet made me want to know more.

  7. TheBunnygirl20

    Its not coincidence. Its indoctrination. They show us these symbols from the time we’re born so that as adults we won’t notice them or question what they mean. I had no idea about the Illuminati until 3yrs ago when I had heard about a few rappers who were supposedly into devil worship. I didn’t believe it at first but then a few months after hearing that my cousin showed me a DVD called blood sacrifice for fame. It was hard to believe at first but I watched it again on youtube.


    Just watched it…wow!…they control everything. Would almost give you a head ache watching all this stuff haha. It’s like if you think of anything random and type in saaaay…’cheese illuminati’. Bammmm Kraft Cheese commercial illuminati symbols lol. Surely all this shit can’t be a coincidence?? Illuminati nutters!

  9. TheBunnygirl20

    Yeah very creepy. Another creepy song is This is War by 30secs to mars. The lyrics are cryptic and paired up with the music video it shows ww3 and it has an obvious Illuminati message throughout the video especially at the end when all the weapons form a floating pyramid. Just plain creeped me out when I watched it.


    I’ve seen the Denver airport murals there on another YouTube video. Out of interest, what else did you think the resembled the murals during the ceremony?


    The song was imagine sung by the glee cast. Cover for John Lennon Imagine. Played a few times during the closing ceremony. Creepy, i know right? :S

  12. fmacciefm

    has anyone noticed the strange resemblance of the denver airport murals and a few of the themes and scenes from the closing ceremonies.. take the statue, the flower praising and phoenix to be just a couple.. people need to look into this..

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