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ATENakaATON asked:

www.jordanmaxwell.com The Connection Between British Israel World Federation, 9-11, and Hollywood, with many clips sourcing Jordan Maxwell, since this is a good 90 percent from his research on from his website


  1. ATENakaATON

    @Enduurox although i don’t cover this in this video and I’ev already sent you a message on this, eventually i’ll get around to explaining the masonic point of view of christ and satan and how they are parts of the same god, symbolically, i’m only noting it here so others can see this, but in another video i will explain how they are viewed as the same

  2. Enduurox

    @Enduurox I just have a few notes after watching this again xD

    I will need to make multiple posts because of character limitations

    the verse in 2 Peter 1:19 does not refer to Jesus as the morning star, it is using the morning star as an analogy for accepting what the Prophets have said.

    In Revelations 2:28 that is not a reference to Jesus, that is Jesus saying what he will give to those who stay true to Jesus in the end times.

  3. Enduurox

    the Revelations 22:16 is the only real verse that Jesus says of himself to be a Morning Star. Calling Jesus a Morning Star does not mean you are calling Jesus Lucifer. Yes, Lucifer means day star or morning star, but it is just a title, and when Lucifer rebelled against YHWH, Lucifer became Satan, which means the deceiver. So in the New Testament, to consider Jesus as the Morning Star does not equate Jesus as Satan.

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