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ATENakaATON asked:

www.jordanmaxwell.com The Connection Between British Israel World Federation, 9-11, and Hollywood, with many clips sourcing Jordan Maxwell, since this is a good 90 percent from his research on from his website


  1. TheRivetthead

    British Israelism is a true theory every one who has done research can see british people go back to israel

  2. ATENakaATON

    @corey41685 yeah i’ev heard this a few times, in the future i’ll have to speak more enthusiastically, but to be honest making these videos is pretty boring to me. There’s a link in the description, go in there and read whats in there and go do some studying on the authors who said Jesus was born on 9-11 and study the “Mysteries” and you should figure out whats going on.

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